Luke 19

Do you have many friends?   How many friends do you have?
I know a man in the Bible who got no friends.
In the city called Jericho, there was a man who was very rich - he had a big house and a lot of money but he got no friends.  Let's find out why.

Zacchaeus was a very short man.  He was the tax collector of Jericho city.  Everyday, he sat at the market gate and asked people to pay their taxes.  When people pay one dollar for their tax he will often say, "You should pay two dollars".  He was cheating them.  Zacchaeus was also selfish.  He didn't like to share and give to other people anything that he got.  People were mad at him because he's not an honest and kind man.zaccheus 2.jpg

One day a news came to Jericho that Jesus is coming through the city.  Zacchaeus heard many stories about Jesus and he really wanted to meet Him.  So, he went to join the crowd waiting for Jesus to pass by.  But because he was short, he couldn't see over the crowd.  He tipped on his toes but still he could't see Jesus.zaccheus.jpg

Suddenly, a very good idea came to his mind.  "Hmmmm... if Jesus is coming through this road - I will climb that old tree along the way".  Hurriedly, Zacchaeus ran and climbed and waited for the crowd to pass by.  Closer, and closer, and closer, the crowd was moving near the tree.  He can see Jesus now!  He felt so happy.  Closer, and closer and closer.

 "Ssssshhhhhh!", a man hushed.  Jesus, stopped right under the tree.  Everybody was wondering.  Then Jesus, spoke. "Zacchaeus, come down.  I am going to your house today". 

Zacchaeus was surprised.  He feel so happy.  Jesus knew his name like a friend.  Hurriedly, he climbed down the tree and to his house he went with Jesus.
zaccheus 3.jpg
Jesus loved Zacchaeus so much even if he was not honest at first.  And since Zacchaeus had found Jesus as his friend, he promised to be good to everyone and to even help the poor.  Jesus feel so happy and Zaccheus, too.  They became good friends forever.
zaccheus 4.jpg
Children, Jesus is always our best friend.  Sometimes we are naughty and we do bad things to others.  Jesus knows what you are doing all the time.   He knows your name, too.  He wants you to be good to everyone and be His friend all the time.  Luke 12:31 says, "Love your neighbor as yourself".