Romans 5:12 wrongly translated by Vetus Latina and Vulgate and misunderstood by Augustine for original sin

               Vetus Latina (190 CE)                                                              Vulgate  (398 CE)

In quo omnes peccaverunt is a wrong translation of the Greek.

Augustine designed his peccatum originale from a wrong translation of the Greek. “in which all have sinned” after 406 when he switched in his debate with Pelagius from a similar to a contra position including peccatum originale = original sin. Luther and Calvin and to a lesser extend Wesley bought this original sin concept from Augustine et al. 

Second point is this:  Eve is not listed by Paul but she was the first transgressor. Why did Paul not say, since WO is presumably supported, for debate sake, after Christ, why did he not say Eve and Adam was the first two to enter sin in this world?

Adam was the first male but Eve historically the first human to bring sin into this world. Yet, Paul dare to use the headship for his argument?