만세반석 열린 곳에

Sweetly Resting (In the Rifted Rock)


1 In the rifted Rock I'm resting;

Safely sheltered, I abide.

There no foes nor storms molest me,

While within the cleft I hide.


rift: (), 갈라지다

rock: 반석 Rock: 반석이신 예수님을 가리킴

rest: 쉬다

safely: 안전하게

shelter: 숨기다, 보호하다, 피난처, 은신처

abide: 머무르다

foe: 원수,

storm: 폭풍

molest: 괴롭히다

cleft: CLEAVE 의 과거·과거분사; 터진 틈, 갈라진 틈

hide: 숨다



Now I'm resting, sweetly resting,

In the cleft once made for me.

Jesus, blessed Rock of Ages,

I will hide myself in Thee.


sweetly: 달게, 향기롭게, 부드럽게

age: 나이, 시기, 시대. Rock of Ages: 만세반석


2 Long pursued by sin and Satan,

Weary, sad, I longed for rest.

Then I found this heav'nly shelter

Opened in my Saviour's breast.


pursue: 뒤쫓다, 추적하다, 괴롭히다, 추구하다

weary: 피로한, 지쳐있는

sad: 슬픈

long: 갈망하다

find found found: 찾다, 발견하다

heavenly: 하늘의

shelter: 피난처, 은신처

Saviour: 구세주

breast: 가슴


3 Peace which passeth understanding,

Joy the world can never give,

Now in Jesus I am finding;

In His smiles of love I live.


peace: 평화, 평안

pass passed past: 지나다, 지나가다, 통과하다

understanding: 이해

joy: 기쁨

smile: 미소


4 In the rifted Rock I'll hide me

Till the storms of life are past;

All secure in this blest refuge,

Heeding not the fiercest blast.


hide: 숨다, 숨기다

secure: 안전한

refuge: 피난소, 은신처

heed: () 주의조심하다

fierce: 흉포한, 맹렬한, 몹시 사나운

blast: 폭풍, 돌풍


Text: Mary D. James, 1875 (1810-1883)

Music: W. Warren Bently (1845-1926)