Heavenly Theater interested in all worldly types to see the Love of God


Koot van Wyk (D. Litt et Phil, Thd)


Hans Blumenberg’s idea that there was a complete break between modernity and the middle ages and that with the later we have a deus absconditus or absent God who is as good as dead, is not correct.

This world exist as the theater for unfallen worlds to see the love of God in human lives in various possible modernity scenarios.

The what if question is asked and experimented or allowed to develop for the unfallen heavenlings to witness.

Thus, before 2692 BCE, the people until the flood was only one language, one culture, and lived long almost 964 years.

Heaven could firsthand witness what happen if people are living with one language and live long yet all became sinners and refuse the grace of God offered as one can see with Cain and Abel. Henoch did and was taken to heaven.

A paradigm shift came in 2692 BCE with the Flood destroying all dinosaurs and fixed the fossil record. Humans drop in length of age to about 120 years. Down in David’s day it was either 70-80 years old. Because of the Tower of Babel, languages were diversified and heavenlings could witness what happen for two millennia until Christ coming in 4 BCE, what humans are like under these conditions rejecting the same Grace of God offered time and again as one can see in Moses to Maleachi of the Bible.

Christ is a paradigm shift where the promised Messiah came as a lamb to be rejected and slaughtered as Isaiah 53 prophesied but Judaism failed to see and even today are changing the text to fit their own scenario avoiding Jesus Christ to be the Messiah from Heaven. Heavenlings witnessed firsthand the rejection by Judaism, the very first people God chose to reveal Himself to the world through.

From the death of Christ in 31 CE until 1798 heavenlings could witness the succession of empires: Rome coming to an absolute end in 538 CE when Justinian made a coin with himself a theologian and no longer a soldier on a horse. The Holy Roman Empire with caesero-papism was born. The mono-values of one religion dominating others and killing many who divert or disagree was witnessed in heaven by the heavenlings of unfallen worlds, the “Theater” of which Paul is speaking.

With the deadly wound of the papacy in 1798 by Berthier, the general of Napoleon taking him captive to Paris, Pius VI, one can see the next paradigm shift from sacred constitutions to secular constitutions with a sacred garment. Faithful fathers designed these secular axioms of that period in 1776 and later. Freedom was uplifted and when brotherhood, freedom and peace was the motto, the heavenlings could see what happened in the period of the clay and iron mixed of Daniel’s image of Daniel 2.

Then in 1844 another paradigm shift was witnessed by the heavenlings, the start of the Investigative Judgment of the Saints in heaven by Christ coming as Advocate to plead as High Priest on their behalf fixing their stigma in heaven, although saved already. All predicted by that great prophecy of Daniel 8:14 calculating with the same accuracy that Thomas Aquinas did, and John Calvin and Hugo Grotius, and Isaac Newton, when they calculated the beginning date of the Messianic prediction of Daniel 9:24-27. The year 457 BCE according to Ezra 4 and 7 indicating the start of the 2300 days of Daniel 8:14, which Aquinas and Calvin and Grotius et al, all missed! That is why the next paradigm shift was 1844 when Millerism swept across the globe in their misunderstanding of the Second Coming of Christ. But, the heavenlings knew what it was all about and the correct theology of the Book of Hebrews could add to this correction through Seventh-day Adventism.

The Enlightenment period sweeping across the globe, the age of positivism with World Wars I and II and fascism strongly called for, were all attempts to actualize what Joachim of Fiore was calling for in the 12-13th centuries on the basis of the Book of Revelation commentaries. Humans had to help creating the Kingdom of God on earth before the Second Coming of Christ and thus preterism advocated, as today with the neocons of the Bush era, the attempt to fight the Middle East for peace sothat the way for the Messiah can be opened.

Politics is a religion and strongly so as Griffin in his works said about Fascism. It is a religion. Marxism is a religion. That is what a pastor said who lived seven years in Russia, in his article recently on Karl Marx. Marx advocated atheism but replaced it with his own secularized political religion.

Aleksandr Dugin of Moscau is a neo-Fascist philosopher who mixed Satanism, Islamic Sufism, Orthodox Christianity, Nazi ideas, to create a movement working towards a Fascist “heaven” as we speak here and he is regularly on Russian Media. Many high officials of Russia are in his movement. The article on him is astounding and shockingly ringing a bell of three frogs in the Book of Revelation of which unclean spirits and spiritism is mentioned. His modus operandi is: make war so that the End will come.

Any religion or politics or institution or ideology that wants to use violence to accomplish their “Utopian End” is a cult and non-biblical, regardless of the biblical texts they scoop up to prove their own identity. God does not need humans to set up; His Kingdom. He will do it Himself.

Both Karl Löwith (1949) with his continuity principle of historical developments Hans Blumenberg (1966) with his cutting off of modernity from the history before are correct but from the angle portrayed here: the role of the heavenly Theater of which Paul is speaking in his letters. Blumenberg’s sanctification of Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler and science over religion or revelation, is not correct.

R. Boer goes out of his way to show that Löwith and others are not correct to say that Karl Marx was given his political religion of his eschatology of historical materialism by his teacher Bruno Bauer in 1839 when he taught him the Book of Isaiah. Bauer was a higher critic and would not let the beauty of eschatology rain on Marx. The same with Engels who also studied under him. He loved the Book of Revelation but as a smoker and heavy drinker used the Book of Revelation as a parody and joke with humor referring to his childhood friend now pastor who is playing cards in terms of the beasts of Revelation. As a Calvinist upbringing, Engels would be so preteristically inclined with the Book of Revelation that he was critical of Seventh-day Adventists and their attempts to calculate the beginning of the Last Judgment, the 1844 one mentioned above. R. Boer also discussed with references Friedrich Engels, the father of Landgrab actions of Fascist regimes, view of this matter.

The synthesis is clear: all political fascist totalitarianism, whether they be from Democrats or Republicans, from Nazis or Stalinism, from North Korean versions of it or Chinese, Kuban or any other versions, from Islam, from Catholicism, all of these are “political religions” that fail to give the Bible a proper chance to explain itself and open up the true Word of Prophecy as outlined by Revelation.

Whether it is Hitler or the LGBTQH lobby punishing local government officials for taking a trip to non-LGBTQH states of the USA or whether it is South Korean partisan political imprisonment of past retired presidents, declared guilty before the final verdict of the court case, or whether it is Calvinists blocking the publishing of an article or book or whether it is any form of totalitarianism that runs contra clear principles of the Bible and biblical jurisprudence and ethics, that is Fascism and at the base of these actions is a political religious “cult” or “occult” core.

So finally, heavenly beings are to witness what humans will do amid the highest development of techno and digital instruments and tools. Will humans cough-up the same arguments that primitive humans in the Amazon and Bushmen in the Kalahari of Africa are bringing to the fore as excuses? What about those who discover God in primitive societies? But digital modernists are blind? As was the Relativistic modernists and nihilists. People still believe even if it is only themselves. They worship themselves. No one is really non-cultic or non-religious.

The historicism of Adventism and their a-political position and rejection of hedonism and this-worldly scenarios and intrigues on behalf of the so-called earthly Kingdom of God, make them the best candidate for theology.



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