What do you do….?


What do you do when you realize that the perfection people said all your years reveals spiritually by the Bible to you that you are not?

Whereas all friends and associates, at least 99.9% of them, calls you “perfect” and “good” and “kind” and “honest” and the list goes on, but suddenly, reading the Bible you realize that spiritually, with my relation to the Lord, I was not?

What a discovery!

Suddenly the eyes got hooked on this verse and that verse in the Bible and sitting back and contemplating on the verse, one realizes that is me. I am the E-person in the Book of Samuel and that A-person in the Book of Kings and that M-person also in the Book of Kings?

It is a great spiritual shock.

And shock it must be.

It is like biting into a beautiful peach and a worm is crawling in it! Shocked. Dismayed. Worried.

Thank the Lord that I discovered it in time because the Investigative Judgment of saints fit for heaven, is now going on since 1844 and suddenly in the near future, the Books are going to be finished doing in the heavenly Sanctuary and our Great High-Priest Christ, who is also our Advocate before the Father in the heavenly Court, can do nothing for us any more.

And if I did not realize it….

I was lost!

So what is happening now in my life is that I am increasing my prayer-time with God. I pray now almost every free moment I see fit because I have homework to do.

I have to claim the Righteousness of Christ as garment for the Wedding or I cannot be guest to the Wedding of Christ when He comes!

That is serious people.

And I never knew it. I was studying Theology in all its forms, languages surrounding and in the Bible in different shapes and kinds, nearly all of them and more, so I thought I was in it.

But what I was not looking at, in total spiritual oversight, is how far and how much my life is equalizing with one or two or three or more of the evil-framed characters of the Bible!

That is the key.

You have to say in the Bible, this is me. Then you can see how they solved their problem and that is how you need to solve your problem. Behavioral fineness is not complete unless there is also spiritual fineness. That is holistic. That is wholesome. That is salvation quality. That is what the Word says.


God, in Your Great Mercy,

Forgive me for the things I have done in my utter stupidity, thinking that I am right, fine, good before you. Between You and me, and only between You and me, I am bringing myself and surrender all my life to You. I want to be counted Perfect in heaven, Fit for translation, Protected by Your grace, Considered Saved for the Kingdom. Let thy Kingdom Come with Mercy and honor also in my life. No delay, today I submit. Grant me total acceptance. Is my enlightened urgent prayer, Amen.