“Faithful” Textual Criticism and “Agnostic” Textual Criticism: The Two Ways in Textual Criticism – A Guide

(a Guide by Koot van Wyk, 22 December 2019)

True Textual Criticism should really be called Textual Analysis with emphasis on Textual Differences and their explanations. Below I have copied from the Introduction of the work of Stephen Pisano, “Additions and Omissions in the Books of Samuel: The Significant Pluses and Minuses in the Massoretic, LXX and Qumran Texts” (Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Freiburg Schweitz Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1984), 3-17. Pisano and my own conclusions brought us essentially, as far as the view and role of Textual Criticism is concerned, on the same page. My Dissertation was completed in 2004 after nearly a decade or more work on it. Instead of duplicating the information that Pisano already gave, I copied him and supplied additional remarks and notes. The faithful pastor, the faithful member, the faithful should pay attention to the smiling faces since they lay hold of the correct way of doing Textual Criticism. In my dissertation I supplied extra reasons why the smiling faces approach is the correct one. The article copied below from the Korean Journal in 2011, shows my overview of the Quo Vadis of Textual Criticism. I have not changed my view and I do not think I will. There are two ways of doing the science and F. M. Cross in 1953 with the Qumran piece article of Samuel carved out a deviant road that led to nihilism and agnosticism in the faith of the biblical text. All his followers, Tov et al, all ran that way. My work jumped into the science and searched for alternatives on all levels. They are there but they take time. What a reward it was to myself when I could approach any text now and explain what is going on and walk out a faithful person, untouched by the horrors that befell the scribe or the product that he produced or the product that he was consulted when he copied or translated. I hope this Guide will be useful for Faithful Seventh-day Adventists and other Christians.


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