Translation of the Newly Found Anchor at Atlith near Haifa

(Koot van Wyk, Chongni, KNU Sangju Campus, South Korea, 12th of February 2020)


A swimmer was swimming in the sea when he saw this anchor and it was taken to the Israel Museum for display. The anchor was probably broken off from some building or it was a ship that had to do a funeral for a sarcofagus of an Egyptian. Below is a female with a tablet writing and one can see her two hands, one holding the tablet beneath and the other writing with a sharp untensil on the tablet.

Here is my suggestion for translation and making sense of it:

설명: C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\Egyptian Anchor from Atlit near Haifa 2020.jpg

(Translation by Koot van Wyk on 12th of February 2020, Chongni, Sangju, South Korea)

Register 1  

n rnptt-f

“his basket of vegetable/fruit”, see Gardiner page 484]

Register 2 from right to left:

sgrt t-f

“quiet/silence (feminine) overflow/pour forth” [Gardiner page 602],

Register 3 from right to left:

nb-t pr d s-nb cn

“all the house give everyone/each one [Gardiner page 573] the sarcophagus a fortress [Gardiner page 568]”