Solution for current Status Quo of SDA Institutions in USA


The current status quo of SDA Institutions in the USA is that they are under the neo-fascistic neo-Jurisprudence philosophy of [deceptive] equality enforcement that makes inroads from the public sector into the private sector.


The LGBTQH enforcement of equal treatment of Transsexuals etc. is at stake here. Institutions are forced by laywers, courts, government sentiments to either follow or perish. Thus Andrews University appointed a Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion in the name of laywer Nixon from New York who task it is to fan out a space for transsexuals on Andrews Campus. This will have a serious impact on future Theological training on that campus. The same with Southern Adventist University. They also now are seeking a Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion. For the same reason.


At a certain point in time, all Adventist know, prophetic predictions said just this. At this time coming out of “Babylon” is essential.


USA as Babylon? Cuneiform studies indicate that Babylon was a term that was used of every major empire’s city in the Ancient Near East. It was not just Iraq’s Babylon where Nebuchadnezzar built his city. Niniveh was Babylon, Ur, Larsa, and the list goes on. The reason is that the term means “portal of the gods”. And here is the issue. It is a religious one. Not political.



Downgrade the seminary at Andrews University to a college school of theology and move the seminary outside of the USA to Africa, or South America and set up the main seminary campus of Andrews there. Call Andrews University then the satellite campus of the main Andrews Campus that will be outside the USA.


Secondly, move Southern Adventist University to outside of the USA for the same purpose and call it the main campus. Downgrade Southern Adventist University to a satellite campus, but not the main campus.