Sabbath School Quarterlies debunking Vicarius Filii Dei view since 1994

It is disheartning to see how the SS, including Goldstein, left out since Hasel's death in 1994, the VFD or number of the beast identification.

VFD is in the SS book of 1904. EGW was still alive.
It is left out in the 1918 SS book on Revelation with the 1919 controversial Bible Conference just around the corner. EGW died already.
In 1949 the later becoming heritic Raymond F. Cottrell included the VFD. That despite the role of the Troyan Horse of Liberalism already operating in the precursor to the BRI at that time!
In 1974 the VFD is still included.
In 1989 when I went to Andrews to study, VFD is included.
In 1994 Hasel died and in that year, VFD is dropped. A. Rodriquez was already in BRI director since 1992.
In 2001 Rodriquez wrote off the utilization of VFD for SDA's errorfully. He was proven wrong by E. de Kock 2011 in his VFD research of nearly a 1000 pages.
Since then none of the SS books carried VFD although in the hands of Goldstein.
2019 this week on Wednesday 27th of February 2019? Where is Goldstein since it is known that Stefanovich is keen to drop it as is Paulien, as he admitted in email to me that it is dangerous.
Quietism = a church asleep in prophecy = the Laodicean syndrome.

Good Morning! Wake-up guys.