Adventists and Catholics in Crisis 2019


Michael Matt is a journalist with an anchor in traditional Catholic theology. In his video presentation on The Remnant he focused on the 22 February 2019 meetings on sexual abuse in the Vatican.

He is very dishearted for the clergy seems to buy into the LGBTQH paradigm contrary to traditional Catholic values.

He sees it that the Church is in Crisis and that Pope Francis and the Vatican is losing control.

People are asking for resignations it seems.

Using the equality tenet of the American Jurisprudence with their all Catholic Supreme Court designers, the Vatican fans out that discrimination against LGBTQH people is homophobic.

Then Michael wanted to know in his video reflection late on the 22nd of February in the Vatican: was pope John Paul II homophobic when he said that homosexuality is a sin?

Francis buys into the neo-world order of the Jezebel rules of operation just like it was in the days of Elijah.


One can comment that Elijah was against this equality for all business since Psalm 1 says that one should not sit in the counsel of the ungodly. One should not allow the principles and ethics of secular theology prescribe for you how you should sit and talk and walk and whom you should associate with and who not, especially when it is contrary to the biblical theological ethics and practices.


This brings us to the Crisis in the SDA church in the USA.

They [Andrews University and Southern Adventist University] too have been invaded by LGBTQH lobbyists and forced to employ a lawyer from New York to act as vice-president of transformation and inclusion to do what equality Michigan wanted to achieve supra.

Is the seminary now going to permit a gay minister to study and graduate to serve a gay church?

God forbid.

Close the seminary in the USA and move it out of there.


Source: Michael Matt , Church in Crisis: Pope Francis, Vatican losing control. TheRemnantvideo Published on Feb 22, 2019