Papal Watch: Pope Francis a liberal modernist pope refuse kissing of his ring as conservative popes did


Koot van Wyk


Taylor Marshall explains that kissing the hand of the pope they are not venerating him but the ring which is a symbol of the Vicar of Christ and refers back to a veneration of st. Peter and ultimately to Jesus Christ. They venerate the Vicar of Christ by kissing the ring, he says, at 3:54 of the Youtube video: downloaded on the 28th of March 2019.Taylor Marshall, "Why Did Pope Francis Refuse Kissing of His Ring?".

Pope Francis three days before on the 25th of March 2019 can be seen pulling his ring away from laity to kiss it.

Marshall tries to criticize Francis, a neo-order pope after Vatican II and himself a patriot of pre-Vatican II catholicism. He tries to defend ring kissing by uplifting the Vicar of Christ role of the hand of the priest that becomes "sacred" as he says, because of the bread of the Eucharist that is by transubstantiation changed into the real body of Christ.

Our comment is that Marshall is giving us the reality behind VICARIUS FILII DEI = 666 and even defends its use and application to the papacy and his team.

"They try to venerate the papacy, the VICAR OF CHRIST and Christ Himself".

Marshall and Matt et al are Catholics that are anti-[present]papacy but pro-[pre-Vatican II] papacy. So there is a lot of buzzing going on in Youtube videos on the "Suicide of the Catholic Church" (Michael

Matt); Pope Francis Endorses the UN 2030 Agenda" (Taylor Marshall).

These individuals are kind of "underground catholics" that are conservative not liberal, Republicans not Democrats, and are exposing pluralism, ecumenism, liturgical changes since Vatican II in line with the advice of the 79 Protestants that attended Vatican II actively participating with suggestions.

They hate that situation. They feel that after Vatican II the Catholic church are apostacized and became Protestantized, a mixure of Catholic-Protestantism.

They feel it gives the reason why Protestants see no problem for their members to take the Eucharist in a catholic church because the Lord Supper is no longer a sacrifice as it used to be before Vat II but a table celebration of joy.

G. Berkhouwer, the doctoral promoter of Hans LaRondelle, just stepped out of Vatican II helping them ecumenize when he started to teach LaRondelle, the SDA systematic theologian who died a few years ago.

Protestants "catholicized" after Vat II and Catholics "protestantized".

The attitude of Berkhouwer and other Protestants (79 of them) that attended Vat II led to ecumenism for decades and we are still not out of it.

"They built ambiguity in their statements in Vatican II and knew that later modernists will grab it and run with it" one famous catholic said around 1969.

Revelation 17 says that the harlot on the beast will make nations drunk with the wine of her fornication. 

Marshall, Matt et al honor archbishop Joseph Lefevre who was "rebelling" against the novo ordo or new order of the Vatican II council. The mass changed from Latin to English, the incense altars were taken out, the priest was to face the audience instead of his back to him.

All these happened since 1968.

The current summit of the Vatican explaining the sex scandals in the Catholic church was called by Michael Matt "The Pink Elephant Summit: Vatican Cover-up continues" (Youtube video). The Vatican pro neo order priests used words like "synodality", "accompaniment", "radical listening" as reasons why they act modernistic in the Priesthood.

Matt calls his group the "remnant" and tries to bring them back to the early days catholicism.

What Matt and Marshall forgets, is that not only is a liberal pope vicarius filii dei = 666, the reinforcing of going back to pre-Vatican II or pre- 1798 days (so Marshall) actually adds to the vicarius filii dei – 666 error the pragmatic outcome of persecution on a large scale by forced legal methods. Jurisprudence fascism.