Italy, Hungary, Russia Unite Behind Natural Family at the World Family Congress in Verona from March 29 to March 31, 2019

31st of March 2019


Pope Francis declared in Morocco that the Christian and Muslims believe in the same God

“On the eve of his visit to Morocco (March 30-31), Pope Francis said in a video message on that “as Christians and Muslims we believe in God, the Creator and Merciful”.
He added that this God created men and women so that they might live as brothers and sisters, “respecting each other’s diversity and helping each other in their needs.”

Morocco declaration 31st of March 2019


Polish Catholics burnt Harry Potter Books [which is soft-Spiritism] And Other Useless Stuff



World Family Congress until March 31 gave way to Gay Propaganda and pleaded that those who criticize the gays should be punished by law

“The final declaration of the Verona World Congress of Families (March 29 to 31) has surrendered to gay ideology by calling for the "protection from any unjust discrimination" due to "sexual orientation," Roberto de Mattei notes on (April 1).

De Mattei points out that gay propaganda is precisely trying to present Christian criticism of homosexuality as "homophobic discrimination" which should be "punished by law."


3rd March 2019