ID Movement of Stephen Meyer as a Non-Creationist View


Stephen Meyer is a scientist that is working with ID. He is against Richard Dawkins, Darwin, and materialistic scientific worldview. Everything started from a single point is his main tenet. Since the 1920’s with the discovery of expanding galaxies the reverse of that is one single point. Thus, scholars one by one, even Einstein had to give up his constant universe theory after looking through the telescope of Edwin Hubble.

Einstein and the catholic priest Georges Lemaître was riding in a taxi and they agreed that the universe is expanding but maintained their publications that it was not, so Lemaître asked Einstein to go and look through the Edwin Hubble telescope. He did. That is when he changed his view.

But then he developed a theory that gravity hold back the expansion and that it nevertheless bounce back again in a constant.

Meyer says that Evolution or Creation is not a debate between scientific data but a debate between worldviews. Originally before Darwin the prevailing view was a theistic scientific worldview but that was changed from 1500 or 1700 into a materialistic scientific worldview.

Meyer is not a Creationist since he said on the Ben Shapiro Show that his view is ID that does not believe in six-day creation as Creationists do.

His critics complain that he creates the “God of gaps” when there are gaps in science [and they admit that there are gaps].

His material is very interesting for the Creationist but if he does not believe in six days Creation, he would be running into problems with the Word of God which states explicitly that six days all were created.

You can’t abandon the Bible and try to fight for it. You have to make a choice.

Meyer argues that he is not a theologian but a scientist, and that Creation week is for theologians and he as a scientist still needs billions of years for the origin of everything.

Is it not better to admit that scientists are just too far from the universe to describe it on their lab tables realistically? Nebula? Why would Nebula remain constant? Doesn’t smoke or clouds move into different shapes?


Source:  Ben Shapiro Interview with Stephen C. Meyer Meyer on the Origin of the Universe.