Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire hit the Biblical Ice-berg…


That is actually what happened on the 25th of March 2020 when he took a survey written by libertarian democrats to scale him where he is and the final outcome was that he is rightwing libertarian.

Now what is rightwing? Abortion is wrong. What is libertarian for him? Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children. And there the Titanic of brains really sank….

Earning the pockets-full of money he did by his show over the past few years, he is now in the comfort-zone of decision slipping where what the Bible states, taking the Jewish early tradition seriously, he deviates and stands right across from that biblical stand and is willing to make a statement that hits in the face of the biblical authors and of God Himself.

And here our ways depart and this night, the 26th of March 2020 I do not wish to hear his stories any more.

This is the end of his narrative for me. Is it because I do not make that money he is known to make? No.

I always felt that he was a young champion to defend Creationism, Anti-Abortion, negative stance on LGBTQH positions, the importance of religion in life….Really gifted, to think quick and answer very convincing. Until….

The environment took its toll on him and caught up on him. What a comedown for admiration. Pitiful. But that is when you choose the Bible over literally any other way of narrating. Said Gottlieb Schleiermacher father of Friedrich Schleiermacher in a letter after his deviation: “Oh, thou insensuate son! Who has deluded thee, that thou no longer obeyest the truth….”

Shapiro's methodology is to construct morality as he goes along with his narrating, using his communis opinio his senses and his brain in a pragmatic way and that cannot be done with the biblical narrative and construct of morality handed down from on High. That is why he is beginning to drive reckless.