China, Catholics, Islam, Africa, India and West as civilization states: Some notes


Martin Jacques is considered an expert on China and wrote a book: “When China rules the World. In a video he spoke about this idea or concept of China at the University of Melbourne. The video is linked below.

What Jacques is saying is that the West does not understand China since China is completely different than the West. The West is, in Jacques’ analysis, nationalistic orientated. For China, it is a civilization state. It is orientated to civilization. The history of this civilization is documented since the 18th century BC.

The problem in Jacques analysis, is his failure to realize that the papacy and Vatican system of Catholicism with their one billion members plus, is also a civilization state order. It is also unified under the papacy with a strict fascistic set of rules required for the sake of discipline, security, and to keep the loose parts together in one running engine.

The role of China ruling the World is an option I would think in the post-corona era, but I would rather say in the post-Trump era. For me personally in my analysis of Daniel 11:45 the one who comes to his end and no-one for him, is not the USA as a whole, but maybe the function and role of Trump as a president unprecedented in their history. He is definitely an emperor class. In fact, the post-corona virus era is going to see him maybe taking on his role that he is very good at: the honey farmer. He will put on his anti-corona outfit and walk over to China to collect his honey, much to the anger of all the bees over there. There is already talk in FOX-news and elsewhere about this.

So when the great policeman of the world sits down, only then the Time of Trouble predicted in the Bible will kick in. The anarchism, the migrations chaos, the labor unrests, coupled with environmental biblical predicted disasters in the forms of floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, famines, droughts, pestilences, pandemics, economic crashes, bankruptcy, coupled with what the Bible said in Revelation 7, the four angels on the four corners of the earth will let loose and the earth will be harmed. There is nothing the environmentalists, sorry Democrats, will be able to do at all. Nothing. It is predicted in prophecy and to go counter prophecy is not possible.

So Jacques analyzed China as a civilization state but overlooked the papacy as civilization state. It is predicted in Revelation 13 with the role of the lamblike second beast out of the earth seen by historicists as the United States, will give power to the Middle-ages power for 1260 years crushed by Napoleon when his general took the papacy to France, but the second beast empire in Revelation 13 will help the healing of the deadly wound and the papacy power or civilization power will be helped by the forcing by the USA of other nations across the globe to worship the beast/image Old Catholic church and it neo-Catholic post-Vatican II image. The image of the beast is the Vatican II construction of neo-catholicism to make it more acceptable to the world. 72 Protestant theologians participated in Vatican II helping to reconstructed it a little-bit more “protestant” if you please. Ask Tim Marshall (Catholic) in his videos on Youtube about it.

But there are other power-houses of civilization that Jacques also overlooked: Islam. Over a billion members and religion oriented and yes, not nationalistic but civilization state. It is also a political religion. It is not only ISIS that hopes to “Islamitize” the world. Check their eschatology of the 12th Imam nearness expectation.

Another power-house that Jacques is overlooking is Africa. Africa is also a civilization state although not yet unified like China or other countries. If it was not for the fascism of Communism, maybe China would have been falling apart? The funny things is, it appears in their history that there were moments that some wanted to break free, only to wish to rejoin later again. This is currently not possible due to Communism. It created the forced seamless dress that keeps everything covered and inside. Africa is a continent with a natural sense of belonging, different nations, different states and yet very civilization as African conscious. Jacques is not totally correct with his analysis.

The USA is a rainbow nation. With it high values on education and culture and civilized way of live, one can also not fully agree with Jacques about his analysis of the Western countries. They also had a long history of development of their literature and languages. The sense of belonging is not superficially just a flag or just a word “American”, German, or British. Civilization pride plays also into it.

What is new for Jacques, is that the future is actually saying that the papacy will be in the controlling seat and the USA will even help it. Jacques is not an expert in the historicistic interpretation of prophecies like Daniel and Revelation with the year-day principle necessary and also the empires successively mentioned in the prophecies of Daniel a number of times. That includes the Vatican civilization state. He missed that.