Ranko Stefanoviches preteristic understanding of the coronation of Christ at the ascension and the Adventist solution

The difference between the Messiah as a Lamb and Messiah as a Lion is at stake here, as is presented in the Old Testament and supported by Christ in His explanations to His disciples but failed to get Judas Iscariot’s understanding on it.

Ranko as source is problematic regardless how much we like him as a person or personality. He misunderstood the first few chapters Revelation or chose to represent the Preteristic understanding of the ascension = coronation of Christ. The jubilation of the Christ of grace was at the ascension, not the glorified Christ as King of Glory, which the Book of Revelation 11:15-17 (please consult the Greek) says that it occurs only after the sounding of the seventh trumpet [which is the last at the Second Coming]!

So Ranko and Reformists or Calvinists et al cannot be correct with their immediate King of Christ at the ascension.

There is a handing over of glory and kingship scene by the Father to Christ after the Investigative Judgment. The Greek says in Rev. 11:17 “He took it” at the 7th trumpet (verse 15).

It is also worth looking at that Ranko admitted that he wrote this commentary with a wider than Adventist audience in mind, which would include also the Preterists. Thus, utilizing him as source in Adventism is a very risky aspect and already incurred a number of contra-writings against his interpretation of Revelation 4-6 of which I have in my emails.


Christ was honored in jubilation for His victory and success of the process of salvation at the ascension. He was seen as the King of Grace but after the seventh trumpet, as the King of Glory and when the Hell event ends the King of Glory enters the portals of the New Jerusalem in the final scene of the process of Atonement (cf. Psalm 24).