A father’s Last Wish in his Will


Every faithful house is bearing the yoke of children who are not faithful and this is much pain to the father and mother. Here is an imaginative letter a faithful father wrote for his son who is not coming to church for years now.


“My dearest son

Ever since you were born it was your mother and my wish that you will be following the Lord as long as you live. This wish has never changed. We want to be all happy enjoying heaven together. So my son, I hereby give you my last Will and Wish as follows:


My two farms and Capital remaining after all debt has been taken care of, and there will be just hospital and funeral fees, I wish to keep you in mind for.

The two farms will be handed to the functioning headelder of my congregation to rent out as a Trust.


The interest on my Capital will be added to the income from the farm yearly, then portioned in weeks. This weekly amount of money will be handed to you by the headelder every week after the divine service.


My son, when you take the envelope with your money from the headelder, open the envelope and take out 10% of it and look the elder in the eye and say: “This is for God”.


Then my son, I think it well that the day you become an elder for the church and is responsible for the spiritual needs of the congregation, then my son, I authorize the headelder to hand over the full Trust and full responsibilities over to you regarding the farms and the capital.


My car should go to the Anointed of the Lord at our congregation, whoever is pastor that time.


I wish my son, that when the roll is called up yonder, you will also be there.

Your loving dad