Devotional Short Notes to Genesis 44


Is experiential chit-chatting [ontology] in the presence of the Word of God unrelated to the actual words in His text permissible? As Adventists our thoughts [epistemology] are coming from the Word to our minds to our experience to our thinking to our reflection and back to the chit-chatting. That is permissible since that is what Sabbath-School reflections are all about. But not the other way around or substituting God’s impact with our sidetracked impact. We miss cardinal nuances built into His Word if we do that. Computer technicians who place certain markers on people’s participation when they call for primacy of the Word of God above private affairs just to delete it quickly in a software “gutter” that they created, play also in the hands of Satan and do not serve the church of the Lord.

Reading chapter 44 of Moses’ work, the following notes became apparent.

The literal expression of Genesis 44:4 is “why your peace is evil?”

The literal expression of Genesis 44:5 reads: “You have are evil which you have done”.

Keil came to Genesis 44:15 and said that the expression in the original meant “to whisper, to mumle out formularies, incantations, then to prophesy, in Latin divinare (Keil 363). Joseph was indeed a prophet of the Lord and the Lord gave him the ability to interpret dreams and future events of such dreams. He was not participating in the local art of reading fortunes from water in a plate and rimples made by coins dropped in it of future predictions. That is what they did in the days of Strabo and Pliny, as cited by Keil, but between their days in the Roman period and Joseph are nearly two millennia. Superimposition is not much of a help here. Joseph was faithful and did to lapse into culture honorification: “when you are in Rome you do as the Romans” – stuff. The success of Joseph does not lie in compromise with the evil but in abstaining from it and following the Word of God literally and absolutely. In our own time, the global philosophy of Jurisprudence has made equality into a god so that skew relationships and evil should be embraced with the good contrary to the principles of the Bible. LGPTQH lobbying and Jurisprudence for them has even led Californian Adventist Judges to follow after the world. It is not an achievement to be an Adventist becoming a Judge when she/he compromise their religion for gain of fame. Joseph did not although Keil was wondering if he did.

The iniquity that they are talking about is not the goblet but their past guilt related to the disappearance of Joseph in 1971 BCE and now it is 1951/1950 or the first year of the famine or 21st year of Sesostris I according to the reckoning of the Egyptologist J. von Beckerath in his article and according to the very slightly adjusted reckoning of Edwin Thiele, the Dean of Chronology of Adventists in the 1950’s. The modern chronologies of Peter James and Eastern Europe scholars with a sliding of all chronologies by 250 years should not be entertained at all. The agenda of Satan in using these scholars or fad is to drain people’s confidence in biblical chronology so that they speak no longer with conviction of the reality of history but just stories and if stories then modern narratives can substitute easily in sensibility the non-sense cultural habits of the past and the result? LGBTQH is a success against the plain reading of the Bible. So with Women Ordination and Gay Ministries or role of Gays in the modern society. Sin is no longer a sin but a permissible honored choice. Permissive Jurisprudence is not Divine Jurisprudence and cannot replace it otherwise the person has become a horizontalist [man to man person] and not a verticalist [God to man and man to God person]. Joseph and his brother was the last mentioned one.

Benjamin was no longer a young boy (Genesis 44:20) but one must remember that no matter how old a mother becomes, her baby is her baby. In his mind the adult and grown up Benjamin was still Jacob’s “little one”. Love, care, passion and memory work that way with humans. It shapes them to the result that they get stuck with the baby they had rather than the adult they now got. And the “babies” know it and play together putting on the baby mask when they get to their parents for high day holidays during the year.

In Genesis 44:30 it reads literally that “his soul is bound up with his soul”. That is what happened in the mental condition of Jacob and that is what happens always with parents and their last child as a rule of life.


Dear God

To Your Word and to Your Testimony, not to our sensibility or our reason, that is what the rule of Your revelation. Help us against ourselves and Satan’s misuse of humans to lessen the value of the Bible and replace it with our own whims and feelings. In Jesus Name. Amen.