Devotional Short Note to Genesis 29

It had to be sometime close to 2030 BCE, at least between 2040 BCE when Esau got married and also at least 20 years before Isaac died, who died in 2000 BCE. The terminal date would be 2020 BCE but one has to leave enough time for other events to happen even in Isaac’s last years in future chapters.

One should not miss the grace of God and His compassion in Genesis 29:31: God saw that Leah was hated and He blessed her. When people struggle with the stress and tension of others’ hatred, there is a God up there Who can step in for that victim. Victims are sometimes totally in the care of God and the crowd or popular sentiment does not even realize that. Human condemnation and Divine condemnation do not always coincide.


Dear God

How astounding for us that what Adventism is proclaiming has been an established principle all along. Thank you for such clear evidence for our faith. We worship You will all our heart and mind. In Jesus Name. Amen.