Devotional Short Notes to Genesis 11


Scholars are eager to discuss this chapter but spent more time on other aspects than on the chronology which is the main feature of the chapter. If the Hebrews provide years they mean that to be the totals that they have carefully jotted down through the centuries. They are reliable historical data and should be taken seriously.

In order to date the Flood one has to start with the dating of Abraham who is mentioned at the end of this chapter. Once one arrives there it is a matter of calculating back to the beginning of the chapter at verse 10 for the date of the Flood. The Exodus according to extra-biblical data and biblical indicates that it was in the year 1450 BCE. The Law was given in 1448 BCE or two years after the Exodus.

“From the Exodus to the last year of Joseph was 430 years and that long Distanzangabe comes from Galatians 3:17 which many scholars have interpreted to be Abraham, but it is actually Joseph. Since the law was given in 1448 BCE that date would be 1878 BCE as the death year of Joseph. Another Distanzangabe says that the time of enslavement in Egypt was 400 years long so if the Exodus was in 1450 BCE, then the enslavement started about 28 years after the death of Joseph in 1850 BCE. Genesis 50:22 said that Joseph became 110 years old. He was born in 1988 BCE. When Joseph was 30, he became prime minister (1958 BCE Genesis 41:46). The seven good years were until 1951 BCE. In 1950 BCE Jacob came to Egypt and told the Pharaoh that he is 130 years old. Jacob was thus born in 2080 BCE (Genesis 47:9). When Jacob was born Isaac was 60 years old, thus Isaac was born in 2140 BCE (Genesis 25:26). When Isaac was born, Abraham was 100 years old, thus Abraham was born in 2240 BCE (Genesis 21:5). It is now possible to reconstruct the dateline of Abraham from this vantage-point” from my article in (IJRSSH) 2017, Vol. No. 7, Issue No. I, Jan-Mar pages 114-140 especially 118 at

The key finding here is that Abraham was born in 2240 BCE. Now Genesis 11 comes into play to work out the dates for all the generations until the Flood and get the Flood date established.

Genesis 11:26 reads that Abraham was born in Terah’s 70th year which is 2240+70 = 2330 BCE as the date for Terah’s birth. However a different calculation is necessary here because the text gives also the other brothers’ names. It is a corporate listing so that one cannot say it is only Abraham’s date of birth. Abraham was 75 when he left Haran and his father died at 205 years. Thus, Abraham was born in Terah’s 205-75 = 130th year (Genesis 12:4). Thus from the birth of Abraham to the birth of Terah is 2240+130 = 2370 BCE as the correct date in Genesis 11:25.

From Terah’s birth in 2370 BCE to Nahor’s birth is 29 years which is 2370+29 = 2399 BCE (Genesis 11:24).

From Nahor’s birth in 2399 BCE to Serug’s birth is 30 years which is 2399+30 = 2429 BCE (Genesis 11:22).

From Serug’s birth in 2429 BCE to Reu’s birth is 32 years which is 2429+32 = 2461 BCE (Genesis 11:20).

From Reu’s birth in 2461 BCE to Peleg’s birth is 30 years which is 2461+30 = 2491 BCE (Genesis 11:18) in who’s time also a possible “Continental drifting” took place according to Genesis 10.

From Peleg’s birth in 2491 BCE to Eber’s birth is 34 years which is 2491+34 = 2525 BCE (Genesis 11:16).

From Eber’s birth in 2525 BCE to Shelah’s birth is 30 years which is 2525+30 = 2555 BCE (Genesis 11:14).

From Shelah’s birth in 2555 BCE to Arpachsad’s birth is 35 years which is 2555+35 = 2590 BCE (Genesis 11:12).

From Arpachsad’s birth in 2590 BCE to Shem’s birth is 100 years which is 2590+100 = 2690 BE (Genesis 11:10).

The Flood is 2 years before the birth of Arpachsad which is 2590+2 = 2592 BCE (Genesis 11:10).

The Flood of Noah was in the year 2592 BCE according to strict biblical chronology calculating 1450 BCE as the date of the Exodus and the fourth year of Solomon as 970 BCE (Shea and Van Wyk) and not 966 BCE as Thiele and Horn had it (for the discussion of 970 BCE see Van Wyk, Archaeology in the Bible and Text in the Tel 1996 page 209b with extra-biblical and biblical sources harmonized).

From Shem’s birth in 2690 BCE to Noah’s birth is 500 years which is 2690+500 = 3190 BCE (Genesis 5:32).

From Noah’s birth to Lamech’s birth is 182 years which is 3190 + 182 = 3372 BCE (Genesis 5:28).

From Lamech’s birth to Methuselah’s birth is 187 years which is 3372+187 = 3559 BCE (Genesis 5:25).

From Methuselah’s birth to Enoch’s birth is 65 years which is 3559+65 = 3624 BCE (Genesis 5:21).

From Enoch’s birth in 3624 BCE to Jared’s birth is 162 years which is 3624+162 = 3786 BCE (Genesis 5:18).

From Jared’s birth in 3786 BCE to Mahalel’s birth is 65 years which is 3786+65 = 3851 BCE (Genesis 5:15).

From Mahalel’s birth in 3851 BCE to Kenan’s birth is 70 years which is 3851+70 = 3921 BCE (Genesis 5:12).

From Kenan’s birth in 3921 BCE to Enoshes’ birth is 90 years which is 3921+90 = 4011 BCE (Genesis 5:9).

From Enoshes’ birth in 4011 BCE to Seth’s birth is 105 years which is 4011+105 = 4116 BCE (Genesis 5:6).

From Seth’s birth in 4116 BCE to Adam’s creation is 130 years which si 4116+130 = 4246 BCE as the date of Creation.

The Creation by God was in 4246 BCE.


Dear God

The ancient Hebrews were very careful in their calculations of their history and with care we try to compute their totals to arrive at the Flood and Creation. It appears right but even today, after counting for 40 years, I found errors in my own calculation. But the reality of the Flood and Creation makes us thankful for Your perfection in Christ. In Jesus Name Amen.