Migrationism and the Time of Trouble

Half of the World is not aware that a Time of Trouble like there never was, is about to come.

Prophet of Doom and Gloom? No. The Bible said it will happen at the End of Times just before the Second Coming of Christ. The prooftext for it is Daniel 12:1. It also says that Christ or Michael will stand up. He was sitting as the Son of Man of Daniel 7:13 in an Investigative Judgment and now back to 12:1, “for His people”. Because Peter understood it also in 1 Peter 4:17 that is an Investigative Judgment that is to begin in the House of God. Same concept. Nothing of present or future persecutions that Peter is expecting as the Reformed Preterists were guessing.

Migrationism as an Endtime Sign.jpg

Many of the prophets of the Old Testament saw it.

Isaiah was one. In Isaiah 6:11b-c Isaiah saw that at the End Time just before the Time of Trouble, “cities devastated without inhabitants. Houses are without people”. That is a mouthful for our time. Remember Aleppo? Remember Syria? And the list goes on.

Now who moved these people? “The Lord has removed men far away” (Isaiah 6:12).

Thanks Isaiah. That makes it clear. Does it mean that Trump’s anti-migration campaign is contra the Hand of God? Not at all? It is as sign of the time of the End and the Lord move people to fulfill His own prediction for the End Time scenario.

It is indicative of the call in Revelation that the saints must leave the cities and move to the countryside and elsewhere for safety.

There are many forsaken places (Isaiah 6:12c). Ever saw the video online of China’s ghost cities, or that of the USA or of Russia?

There will be about 10% staying in the cities but it will also burn with persecution for the text says: “will again be burning” (Isaiah 6:13b).

Some of the saints will be protected for it says that when a Terebinth or an Oak is felled a stump remains “which in the remaining of the felling in them”. It is a symbol of the saints during the Time of Trouble or great dilemma that will come over the World.

Ever heard churches advocate for helping creating peace all over the world until it is heaven? Or Engels idea of taking from the rich and give houses to the poor? Or Marx idea that if the whole world is socialistic then heaven will arrive? Or Calvinists and Baptists idea of going to Iraq to fulfill prophecies regarding the “kings of the East” in the end time?

All nonsense. Like fighting global warming. Fighting global warming? The prophets predicted Global Warming. There is no way one can make something that is bound to happen not happen.

The “holy seed fallen from it” that is the stump of Isaiah vision, are the saints during the Time of Trouble.

Trouble will come all over the world: super-earthquakes, super-typhoons, restlessness of nations, empty cities, migrations and food shortages for the evil. The faithful will be protected and kept alive by God in miraculous ways, says Scripture. Anyway, it will be a short interlude to the global visible Second Coming of Christ with all His angels and the subsequent Resurrection.


Dear God

Help each one of us to prepare now while there is time before these events come over the World. In Jesus Name, Amen.