The State of the SDA Church in January 2019


More than 17 million adherers to this denomination is where the Spirit of God has brought us thus far. I am not a president nor a pastor of the church, but I have eyes and ears and can make notes on the state of the church as we speak.

The USA is a peace loving country not like Hitler who loved piece(s): “a piece of Poland, a piece of Hungary, a piece of France ….”That is how the satire goes.

But is this a true assessment of the current USA lamb of Revelation 13 (the second beast-power in that chapter)? Can a lamb develop teeth and bite? Can a democracy turn into neo-fascism? Did it? Can neo-fascistic countries “democratize” and on the other hand, can democratic countries set up neo-fascisim? Can a one-man show turn into an all-men show and an all-men show turn into a one-man show? It just did. Trump card or not. It did.

So where do Seventh-day Adventism find itself currently in the world? The North American Division is the Division where most funds are produced for the church and distributed to all poorer countries. That is a fact. So all eyes are there for it is there that the main seminary and universities are. Although Sahmyook University in South Korea with its 6000 plus students and modernization outshadow Andrews University or Loma Linda University by leaps and bounds. It almost appears as if the Americans do not have money if one compares. But this is frivolous talk. Judging by appearance and image and show. Enough of it.

Where do Adventists stand in January 2019? That is the question.

The answer is that Adventists are part of the environment or country of residence, the USA and the USA is part of the World sharing this globe.

Maybe one should first ask what the state-of-affairs are of the Roman Catholic Church in the world in January 2019. Then with that world-condition approach the USA and further arrives at Seventh-day Adventist institutions in the USA.

It is also the Quo Fadis question here. Where from here?

The picture is supposed to say it all.


The Vatican first.

The State of the Vatican is best presented by an article of dr. Daniel Farrow regarding the paradigm shift of pope Francis vs pope Ratzinger. He concluded that Francis want a “Revolution” not a “Reformation” of the structure of the Catholic Church. Francis wants a one person clericalism with all power ceded to a congress of bishops. But, that is not all. Gay theology is walking down the corridors of the Vatican it is said by ‘Cardinal Ouellet’s letter’, ‘beyond the McCarrick business’ and by ‘what Archbishop Vigano has called the plague of homosexuality among the clergy,’ (see Farrow, 2018 November 10).

Worldwide jurisdiction philosophy has already gone wrong since the speech of the president of the Euro Commission in 2007 and also United Nations speeches around that time. Gender as a choice was the topic.



This is the incubator for Seventh-day Adventism since their breath and water and food is dependent from this terra or land. USA jurisprudence philosophy is also an echo of the 2007 stance by the Europe president from Germany on the Transsexuals. California is the nest of liberals [those who hate the Bible and do not want morals by a Bible position]. It is the nest of atheists, nihilists and their cronies. But the Supreme Court is now almost 100% Catholic. Pope Francis would make it easier for them to uphold the liberal stance on things. Gender choice.

Now in case you think there is a difference between public laws and private laws and that the freedom of religion is honored, you have it all wrong. The public sector developed teeth in their laws, a situation that one can call ‘neo-fascism of a liberal kind’ and they want to force private institutions to adopted the LGBTQH agenda and laws that they created to give humans a gender choice rather than a gender essence.


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Is this stance anti-biblical? Absolutely. California refused to pay government officials who have to travel to adjacent states that are against LGBTQH laws of California, thus biting them with the teeth of their own creation in a neo-fascistic way. How can one gossip about the lost of freedom of choice in North Korea when they are doing the same in California?

It is like South Koreans who use to say that the most militaristic country in the area is North Korea with its one million soldiers but South Korean students and children are sitting in the pc-rooms indoctrinating themselves with games that contain militaristic jargon from A to Z. Cognitively they are e-soldiers! What is the difference? Millions of them and that daily, for hours and hours.

The USA is no different. And this environment in the USA is the “bed” upon which Seventh-day Adventists have to sleep.

The laws with teeth got legs and moved to the Adventist institutions as well. The Supreme Court wants public anti-biblical uniformatism on Gender choice enforced with teeth. They cannot allow private biblical uniformatism. It must be rejected and these ‘ghettos’ rooted out, with laws and laws with canines as well. Persecution it is called by those who suffer under it.


SDA institutions

Now we are where we wanted to be. Where are Adventists in 2019? In Fulcrum 7 of the latest issue there is a parent who wrote a letter explaining where we are: A lawyer Nixon from New York was appointed Vice President of Diversity and embracement at Andrews University and his function will be to make sure that transsexuals and other LGBTQH people are softly treated with care and protection. Also at Southwestern Adventist University in Tennisee they are now looking for a similar Vice-President there. The job is created to please the Catholic Supreme Court and their Jurisprudence Philosophy of anti-biblical stances. If you fall on this issue, you will fall also on the Sunday-law issue.

Two Vice-Presidents of Gay Affairs. It reminds me of the role of Jezebel who was married to Ahab. She was a Phoenician woman and loved the Baal religion. She was high-priestess of this religion in Israel and the gula priests were in these institutions that she created in Israel. A gula priest is a transsexual or LGBTQH person with an effimate way of speaking says a cuneiformist who wrote a book on the gula priest in the cuneiform texts since the Fall of Ur in 2004 BCE. Then we thought that LGBTQH is just in our own times. It is now achievement. It is a degeneration. It is following Francis and his “conversion” in a revolutionary way as dr. Farrow said. It is following the Catholic Supreme Court rulings of the USA and lastly following the Jurisprudence Philosophy of an anti-biblical kind so popular in the World today.

So where do Seventh-day Adventist stand in such a crisis of faith as this?


Culture over Bible and Bible over Culture

The issue is that Culture is chosen to be over the Bible by the Administrators of Andrews University and Southwestern Adventist Universities. This is the remnant “weed” and the question is, where is the remnant “seed”?

It is time to come out of her My people as we have read so many times in the Bible. Why? Plaques of the Time of Trouble is at hand. When? Soon. When Canaanitism and Baalism is given a Vice-President position at Andrews University and also at Southwestern Adventist University, then the remnant seed must be elsewhere and the caucus of the ‘School of the prophets’ is not there. Where is Elijah? Not there. Is Elijah alone? 7000 prophets did not bow their knee to Baal.

If USA Jurisprudence is willing to fight for the rights of Transsexuals at Private Christian Universities, then why not fight for the rights of smokers, drinkers of alcohol and drug users? What about the rights of suicide people and abortion? Question is, why neo-fascistically encroached on the privacy of a private institution insisting that they embrace people they do not want to embrace “as is” but rather wants to convert, transform, and change to someone better? In case USA Jurisprudence and psychologists think that LGBTQH people cannot be changed, then ask, there are people who were healed from these diseases of the mind. Do not teach that they can never change and with this narrow-minded axiom set up laws with teeth to so-called “protect” individuals suffering from this trauma in their lives.


Pre-lapsarian and post-lapsarian views of the Nature of Christ

I owe it to the book by Denis Priebe, J. Zurcher, Denis Fortin’s online short essay on this issue to say that to say Christ came with a nature that is like Adam before the fall and not after the fall is to be with the Remnant weed. This last is my analysis not Fortin. It is interesting that those who promote woman ordination, feel comfortable with a Vice-President for Gay Affairs are also those who claim that Christ took the nature of Adam before the fall. Why? They want to cling to Martin Luther’s principle of semper sanctus et semper peccatus = at the same time holy and at the same time a sinner.

If they can say that Christ is not exactly like us, then they can say that Romans 7 “the good that I want to do I do not do” is Paul and not Saul. It is the Christian who will never be perfect until Jesus Comes.

What is the problem with this?

David said: I am perfect so when do You come and Judge my perfection? Psalm 101:2.

Heppenstall, LaRondelle, Denis Fortin, and the rest are listed by Fortin who believes in this view. It is a typical Calvinistic Reformed position of a Berkhouwer kind, the one who was LaRondelle’s teacher.

H. Douglas, D. Priebe, M. L. Andreasen, Standish Brothers, and the list can go on, are those who cling to all the statements of Ellen White on this matter and insist that Christ was in all respects like us even with the nature after the fall and not before the fall.

Sometimes you get the impression that it is just a jargon-war and that they actually agree on points. But still they choose to differ and that is because the pre-lapsarists have a ‘secret’ weakness that they do not want to surrender to the Lord. They like the excuse to keep it. Maybe? Only they know.


Sabbath School Lesson Book by Stefanovich on Revelation

Clifford Goldstein had to do a lot of renovation on the worldwide edition removing many errors in Stefanoviches book Revelation. When I spoke to Hong-Pal Ha, the Korean translator of the book by Stefanovich, he said that Stefanovich actually wrote the book not for Adventists but for non-Adventists! Vicarius filii Dei 666 is denied and left out. Chapter 4 and 5 is made at the Ascension of Christ instead of at the Eschaton (see A. Treiyer on the issue in Youtube). ‘Apostacy in the Sabbath-school lesson book,’ Treiyer calls it and thus translated into French, Spanish, English, and Chinese his lectures on the Sabbath School Book on Youtube. If dr. Ha is correct, then why do the church give “bacon on sandwich” for the non-pork eating Adventists?


Latter Rain near

Apostasy, Shaking and the Latter Rain (see Joel) are events that are very near to happen. Is my own calculation. Is this year the beginning of this great event and the others?



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