Last Day Events of Christ According to the Bible


Just like one bring together puzzle pieces resulting in a better picture so the Bible supplies pericopes as puzzle pieces that can be fitted together to give a better picture of the role of Christ during the Last Day Events. Last years is a better word than last days. 




Section 1-3

Daniel 8:14 is the prophecy with the 2300 evenings and mornings which are days and for one day is one year principle, a year that is calculated with the fortunetelling years of Babylon, 360 days in a year of which every month has 30 days. They meant to count the solar years of 365 and a quarter years and were actually very close to it especially with the Egyptian calendar.

So one day calculates 365 and a quarter year. Since the 490 days prophecy of Christ’s coming as Messiah was calculated from the year 457 BCE in the days of Artaxerxes, therefore the 490 years would end when Stephen was martyred in 34 A.D. and the Baptism of Christ would be in 27 A.D. as the start of the last week and in the middle of that week in 31 A.D. Christ would die on the cross, exactly as Daniel 9:24-27 predicted it. By the way, this interpretation is not only Seventh-day Adventism but also Thomas Aquinas’ interpretation as early as in the 12-13th centuries and as catholic. The Reformers accepted it as such and worked with this year-day principle as well as Hugo Grotius the papist-turned Reformer of the 17th century.

This text in verse 14 of Daniel 8 says that the sanctuary must be cleansed in 1844, if one accepts the same date 457 BCE as the point of departure. The Lutheran scholar Hengstenberg also accepted this scheme of calculation but ended with his calculation in some time in 1880. This method of calculation was done in the Middle Ages by a source called De Semine and their 2300 started in 765 BCE and ended in 1565 (S. Schmolinsky, 1991, 13). Again, this type of calculation is not unique in Seventh-day Adventism. It is common because it is correct or the direction is correct.

It is not the coming of Christ as W. Miller originally expected but a transition in the role of Christ in Heaven entering the Most Holy from the Holies where He was since His ascension. It is Christ’s Day of Atonement fulfillment in type. Actually it is a court scene since the earthly type had cleansing as atonement process but the heavenly cleansing is a vindication or justification of the saints. If they are saved already individually and clothed by the Righteousness of Christ, what other justification is needed, and that in heaven? The unfallen worlds. They want to see in Books whether these saved ones are clean. Christ provides them the open court and every time the sins of a sinner is about to be shown, the confessed sins are wipes away with the blood of Christ and it is clean and spotless. It is the time of the Judgment to start with the saints in heaven as 1 Peter 4:17 indicates. Revelation 14:6 indicates that the time of the Judgment has come. Daniel 7 speaks of the Ancient of Days that sat down for Judgment and Books were opened and the Son of Man is near. It is the Investigative Judgment in Heaven since 1844 that is this cleansing of the heavenly temple in Day of Atonement language of Leviticus 16. “Shall be justified” = “shall be cleansed”. Without Christ it is impossible says the Book of Hebrews and that is why the Hebrew Tabernacle was defective and not effective enough without Christ the Lamb of God in a Priestly and Highpriestly role.


Section 3-9

Daniel 7:13-14 seems to show that the Son of Man stood up after the Investigative Judgment because in this verse, it seems as He has left the scene and is now returning by a cloud. In order to return He must have stood up from the Judgment scene. He stood up in Section 5 implied from the text in the next section, Section 7-8 where He returned with a cloud to receive the kingship. It is all in verse 13. He must have sat down again because it will become clear soon. He received the crowning in Section 9. The cloud that He came with is not to the earth but to the Ancient of Days who is in Heaven, not on earth. It is not the Second Coming that is in mind here. It is still to come. Simultaneous with the crowning of Christ as King of Kings by the Father, is the close of the Door of Mercy and the Perfection of the Saints. He is no longer Intercessor for anybody. Cases are closed.


Section 9-11

Christ must have sat down with the Father on His throne, because He is going to stand up during the Time of Trouble to come according to Daniel 12:1 where Christ is called Michael.

The crowning of Christ as King of Kings is mentioned in detail in Psalm 110. It is also mentioned in Revelation 20:11-15. The Father asked Christ to sit on the throne with Him until He has made His enemies His footstool. It is not David. David never sat with Elohim on His throne and was never asked to do so. Christ was priest as 110:4 indicated. From this position wrath would come later and a battle with the evil as 110:5-7 indicated.


Section 10-12

The Time of Trouble is described in Daniel 12:1 and the Second Coming takes place when Christ/Michael stood up and resurrect the dead (Daniel 12:2-3). This is the day Christ gives His reward to the saints and they can only get their reward if they have been judged already. That simple. That was the Investigative Judgment above that Seventh-day Adventists is pointing out to Protestants all over the world. The Pesher Habakkuk from Cave 1 at Qumran also worked with an Investigative Judgment of the house of God before the Executive Judgment of the wicked later and separated as event. It is a lost truth in Christianity due to the apostasy that came after the death of John the Apostle who wrote the last book of the Scriptures. People asked: so why do Christianity not accept the SDA contribution to the understanding of the Investigative Judgment? The answer is simple, especially Catholics cannot accept it, since their whole atonement system is liturgically arranged on earth. Secondly, if they accept the year day principle to be the 2300 years spanning from 457 BCE then they have to also accept the 1260 years starting from 538-1798, from the day Justinian the Roman Emperor coined his coins showing him as Theologian rather than soldier until the capture of the papacy from the Vatican to France by Berthier on behalf of Napoleon. That is why. They have to accept that this 1260 years or days in Daniel and Revelation is a reference to the papacy empire in this period and then that is the Little Horn or the Antichrist. They will not be prepared to walk this way. Thus, SDA’s appeal falls on deaf ears. If the Catholics do not walk this way, neither shall the ecumenical inclined Christianity of the other denominations walk that way. Result? Only Seventh-day Adventists have the Investigative Judgment preceding the Second Coming view separated from the Executive Judgment. It was a common view in 1 Peter 4:17 and a common view in the Pesher Habakkuk from Cave One.


Section 12-13

The Coming on the clouds in this section is different than the one in Section 7-8. The reason is that the one in Section 7-8 is a coming to the Ancient of Days in Heaven and the coming on the clouds in Section 12-13 is a coming to earth for the Resurrection. The saints go to heaven to live in the Heavenly Jerusalem. No holy land on earth.


Section 14-15

Christ sat down again because in Revelation 3:21 he asked the saint in heaven to come and sit with Him so that He can dry the tears from their eyes. Tears in heaven? For loved ones that did not make it. A 1000 years are spent for this process of Establishing Judgment.


Section 19-20

Christ stood up because it is the Time of Wrath that Psalm 110:5-7 is talking about. It is the great Battle of Christ with evil and the last enemy to be conquered is death and Satan the designer of death. Psalm 110 gives a hint why this Psalm ends and continues in Psalm 24:7-10. The lifting up of the head. This is the link. Psalm 110 ends with the battle of the Hell and says that Christ “lift up the head” (110:7). Then in Psalm 24:7-10 the Warrior Messiah is returning and choirs of saints asks that the gates lift up their heads for the King of Glory to enter, the King mighty in Battle. It is not David. It is Christ. “Who is the King of glory? The Lord of Hosts, He is the King of glory” (Psalm 24:10). Christ entered in Section 23-24 the New Jerusalem and the gates must lift up their heads.


Section 26-27

With all evil destroyed it is time for Christ to create new. And that is done in Revelation 21 in detail. It is after the Hell event of Revelation 20.


Section 28

With the New Earth created Christ the King of Glory let his saints also be kings and that is Daniel 7:27 but also in verse 18 very clearly.


Dear God

With such a rich and certain picture from Your Word, we ask that readers’ blindness shall be restored to health so that they can see Your actions on their behalf as outlined. In Jesus Name, Amen.