Obama’s Inaugurational Speech 2013 a JFK and King Sandwich with anti-biblical worms


Koot van wyk (DLitt et Phil; ThD)

Visiting Professor

Department of Liberal Education

Kyungpook National University

Sangju Campus

South Korea

Conjoint lecturer of Avondale College



Obama delivered on Monday 21st of January his historic Inaugurational speech as a claimed Protestant Christian. Our comments are not interested in politics or political causes since Seventh-Day Adventists are a-political. They do not vote since as a remnant of God all over the world, they are a drop in a bucket, number one, and secondly, their citizenship is in heaven, not on earth. Since God is in control of this world, all world affairs, the placing or taking down of rulers are controlled by God and His angels. That is the strictly biblical view.

What Obama did in his apparent beautiful phrased speech on Monday, is to take JFK’s 1961 inauguration speech that is on Youtube and the “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King, also on Youtube and to fuse the phraseology and intent of both these classical speeches into Obama’s contemporary issues.

So what was the result:


Sandwich 1: JFK’s First president to make covenant with the world for togetherness in making peace of the world phraseology


Sandwich 2: Martin Luther Kings dreams of interracial and interdivisional freedom in the whole of the USA

Obama placed in between these two sandwiches his own contemporary issues and it is here that biblical prophetic analyzers of Revelation 13 the second beast, can compare Obama’s actions with the Bible prophecy.

Two worms were placed on this sandwich that is cloaked in the environment of prayer, spiritual songs by choir and solo presentations, but in effect are anti-biblical worms:

Worm 1: “Even though God is involved in this world, freedom is totally in your hands”


Worm 2: Appeal to the American public for emancipation of the gays

Immediately after the speech, CNN was quick to pick this up as a major “milestone for gays” that a president of the USA carry the issue into his inaugurational speech.


From a biblical point of view, Obama is anti-biblical for a number of reasons: God did not create Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve. Secondly, after sin God was willing to accept meat-eating as a way of life although His original intention was Vegetarianism and the monarchy as a way of politics although His original ideal was theocracy but nowhere, especially when you read the event of Sodom and Gomorrah and other passages throughout the Bible, was there a saying that He did not create Adam and Steve but that He is willing to make an alternative available. Nowhere. That is in the strict reading of the Bible. There is no escape from this text.

If you want to argue that the Bible is locked up for its own time in ancient past and we must work out our own ethics and destiny in the modern world, separate from the biblical tenets, like a Loma Linda professor in science argued at Avondale College in June 2011 at the New Perspective on Christianity conference, namely the views of Graham Stacey “Viewpoint on Homosexuality in Christian Communities”, that the meant and mean should be separated then we have here a case of anti-biblical stances.

If something is anti-biblical, it is a worm on a sandwich and no matter how beautiful and Christian and faithful and devotional and spiritual the sandwich, the worm is a worm.

Let us mention some more worms: theistic-evolution, argued especially by some [small minority] scientists in the California area participating in Adventist Education systems, is a worm. If you believe millions of years created out world against the literal seven day creation of the Bible, then you are against the eschatology of the Bible who says there is a day when Jesus will come and a day when He will recreate this earth anew. Instead of the Revelation recreation of the earth, the anti-biblical worm is that you have to create that new heaven on earth by your own hands. You sit with the future in your hands and should work out your own heaven here on earth, which will take more than a day and week but maybe years and centuries and millennia. This theology is particularly popular among some Protestant circles and although some of them profess with the tongue that they are biblical, there is no such thing. They are not.

Revelation 13 names the second beast as following the first and it speaks like a lamb but its tongue will be dragon like and support the first beast, which is the period of domination of the Roman Catholic Church between 538-1798 which received a deadly wound, but was healed and then the next World Order, the New World Order based on civilian power, will open the way for the Catholic Church to become a world power.

Obama as Protestant, taking an anti-biblical stance is the same as a Catholic that is willing to create Mariology to replace the Holy Spirit functions as intercessor in heaven, the same as the vicarius filii dei stance of the pope, and clerics of that church that they are holding at Eucharist the body of Jesus in their hands and thus salvation can only be served from their hands to the public.

The moment a Protestant compromise his bible, he moves over to join hands with the anti-biblical teams, networks, agitators.

Obama’s worms is prophetic and the Apostle Paul said that in the last days, the gay issue will be very popular. Obama is helping that issue by placing the worm conveniently on his inaugurational JFK and Martin Luther King sandwiches.

Indeed, the interpretation of Revelation 13 has the USA as the second beast in that depiction. It is our times.