Problems in eating dog food (boshintang) or pig


Koot van Wyk (DLitt et Phil; ThD)

Visiting Professor

Kyungpook National University

Sangju Campus

South Korea

Conjoint Lecturer of Avondale College


22 April 2011


Most global citizens do not see any problem in eating pigs. Except those who are religious like Seventh-day Adventists, who are fundamentalist in approach to the Word of God and wants to live healthy according to the principles set out in Leviticus 11, namely that a pig should not be eaten and a dog will not be fit to eat. Cows, yes, sheep, chicken, turkey, but not rabbits, sharks, octopus, snails, crabs, lobsters, snakes, monkeys or other similar animals. It is against God's Word. But said someone recently to me from a non-SDA mega church in California, Jesus came to do away with the Old Testament Laws. Said Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, I did not come to do untie (katalusai = καταλυσαι ) the law but to fill it up (plerosai = πλερωσαι). Jesus' great substitutionary death for us on the cross did not change the unfitness of a pig to become now fit to eat. There are reasons why Leviticus 11 prohibits the eating thereof and much of it is common sense. Of course there are zoological and biological reasons that anatomy can say more about.

But what about the traditional food, dog soup or boshintang? The Word of God gives it a red card. It is a no-no. Cultural revision is one of the first tasks of a true converted Christian who wants to follow the Word of God as navigation in his or her life.


Let us look at the simple common sense.

The sun shines energy on plants and fruits. Man eats plants and fruits and is very healthy. That is because there is direct sunlight energy from these greens. Fit for the stomach of human consumption. Digestion works properly and safely. Toxins are less. The cow eats also these greens and its stomach and digestive system is fit to take care of the greens. That is why this animal is a herbivore. It is an animal that eats greens.

Look at the dog's teeth. In the diagram you can see two large rippers. With these longer teeth in the front of the dog's mouth, he is supposed to rip open the beef he is eating. He tears it apart in pieces. The dog eats the cow and is thus a flesh eating animal or carnivore. The energy level is lower now since the dog gets his energy from the sun in a third level order. Furthermore, the dog's stomach is thickly designed, different than a cow and human stomach to be able to handle the toxins involved in this stinking beef that are half rotten at times. The dog's hormones are suited to give help and assistance to digest these toxins and get rid of them properly. Even if the dog is given milk only to eat, still the immune system is not fit for human consumption then the whole system is not designed to be eaten.


Cat, lion and tiger

If it is good to eat a dog one can eat a cat. One can eat a lion, tiger and a shark. But one cannot. They all have the sharp teeth for ripping since they are all predators. One cannot eat predators of any kind. Can you list some more predators that we cannot eat? Their bodies and stomachs are well designed to take care of the toxins that their kind of food contains. But, humans eat them or their food and will end up in hospital.



What about pig? A pig is not fit for human consumption because Leviticus 11 is the words of Christ and it says do not eat pig. Even when talking about Heaven the prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah 66 that swine [pig] eaters is unfit for heaven. Islam is very scared to be in connection with a pig when they die. They have their own reasons for it. The pig is a garbage eater. It eats all the garbage from our kitchens. All the things that we will not think of eating, sour milk, rotten fruits, etc. the pig will lap up as delicious. Why? It was designed that way to take care of the waste in our eco system. However, its stomach is designed to take care of those eating habits and the toxins are removed with his hormones and digestive system suited for that process. For humans to eat pigs is to eat an animal that eats garbage and waste. It is to eat an animal that is high in toxins and hormones to deal with it. What is hormones for pigs to take care of toxins can become a toxin in a human when a human eat a pig. This is just common sense.



A shark cannot be eaten for the same reason as a lion cannot be eaten. Look at its teeth. It is a predator.


Shells and snails

One cannot eat shells and snails since they are the same as the pig, designed to take care of garbage and waste. Their digestive system takes care of the toxins contained in the garbage but there is no guarantee that the human's stomach is safeguarded against these toxins and side effects of hormones taking care of the toxins in snails.


Advertisements that it is healthy to eat pig etc.

Normally the people who say it is healthy to eat pig are those who sell it. They want to make money and are not interested in the health of people. It is religiously wrong to eat pig and it is biologically unfit for food consumption for human beings for it is a garbage eater.


Peter did not want to eat unclean foods

In Acts 10, Peter did not want to eat unclean foods. In his dream/vision the Spirit wants him to eat it though. But there was a lesson in the dream and Peter did not change his lifestyle afterwards. He got the lesson in the dream. He did not give up his Leviticus 11 principles. He did not do so because Jesus came. In fact, he knew that Jesus did not come to nullify the law but to keep it. For that reason Peter who walked with Christ for three and a half years, still kept Leviticus 11 during and after Jesus came. Extending that principle from Jesus to Peter, one can then say it is a must for us as modern Christians to also maintain the principles of Leviticus 11.


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