Fossil Seriation, Archaeological Seriation and Chronology Readjusted Biblically

Fossil Seriation
There is no such thing as fossil periods or fossil times or fossil dates. The correct word is fossil seriation. Seriation means that something is placed first second third in a chronological order. It does not make it chronological. It places it in a series. Period suggest a punctular time starting and a punctular time ending. In the Fossil record, no such evidence exists. Relative chronology is seriation minus absolute historical points, thus approximations, guessing, rightly or wrongly. Consensus has a lot of the last kind due to the influence of Darwin.

Archaeological Seriation
Again, just like fossil seriation, there is no such thing as archaeological periods or archaeological dates or archaeological times before 2523 BCE. Writing did not exist and thus recordkeeping is absent. There is thus no way to say what happened in 4000 BCE except the record from the Bible. And that is enough information since we know the people and some events that took place then. We know for example of the murder of Abel by Cain.

Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolicthic and similar terms used before the Flood of Noah in 2523 BCE are just seriations that either co-existed and places or followed each other in quick succession. Cave-dwelling phenomena are even modern so that throughout history people lived in caves due to emergencies. The catostrophic Flood of Noah was one of such emergencies where people had to live in caves in order to survive. When they started migrating to other continents in 2400 BCE, they did not find a Motel Six waiting for them and a cave was the only way to survive.

Flint tools and all related ceramics and objects are all post-2523 BCE in possible seriation correctly allocated by modern scholars. The seriation does not need to change but the date allocation does.

The Egyptian chronology is derived from late descriptions of it by Manetho and others in Hellenistic times 330 BCE - 350 CE. All scholars in Egyptology knows that Egyptian chronology is a can of worms. That does not make it totally unreliable but one thing is for sure. without extra-Egyptian or extra-Mathenian controls for the periods before 2523 BCE one can safely assume that they are all relative and should be shrunk to fit in post 2523 BCE times. Thus, the reworked model of Van Wyk employing the consonantal text of the Masoretic tradition literally.

Diagram of Van Wyk reworked seriationsb.jpgPeriod Tables of Chronologyb.jpgPeriod Tables of Chronology (2)b.jpgPeriod Tables of Chronology (3)b.jpg