Egyptian Loanwords in the Bible

We all use loanwords. All languages accross the globe is using the English word "computer" or "sports" or "news" in their languages. In the days of Moses in 1460 BCE, hiding in Midian, Egypt was the "world empire" of those days. Egyptian colonialism stretched by embassy control as far as the Euphrates. It was the time of the glory of Egypt. If there was a "Babylon" of that time, it was Egypt. That is why the Motif of the Remnant coming out of Babylon find similar shadows in the Exodus from Egypt experience. The Fall of Egypt, just like the Fall of Ur in 2004 BCE, was a global shock. Nations could not believe it when the Egyptian ruler Thutmosis III drowned that morning of the Exodus in March of 1450 BCE.
Moses used Egyptian loanwords in his books and especially in Job many of the words that appears only once in the Bible is actually from Middle Egyptian.
To enjoy this investigation of loanwords in the Pentateuch or Job or Psalm 90, one needs to buy the grammar by A. Gardiner, Egyptian Grammar and this lesson is lesson VIII with its answers.

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