Super-virus of many diseases: Polio Virus


It is my understanding that the Polio Virus is the “mother” of many diseases. Whether it is Altzheimer, Parkinson, Paralysis, Arthritis, Dimentia, Kidney failure even Stroke and Heart-disease and Lung-disease, if scientists would focus on this virus, they may find a cure for all these other diseases that they do not know the origin of.

The Polio Virus seems to be a very intelligent virus that shows the characteristics of a cat. It has two domains which is chosen as its comfortable habitat and then cycles up and down between the two zones. If it choose the right joints of the legs as a feeding ground on the nerves and muscles called “gout” etc. it will eat there. The other feeding ground is the kidneys so it will be for some weeks in the leg sitting near the skin on the back of the leg but from there then move up to the kidneys and bother the left kidney in particular.

Whether it is what scientists easily denote to be “Arthritis” or “Parkinson” the virus just chose its navigations map of habitat in the body between these intestines or organs.

The secret then to treat these diseases will be to eventually eliminate the Polio Virus. Immunization against Polio may have been done while a person is a child but the Polio Virus can surface up when the person turns sixty or near sixty.

Early ageing is part of the symptoms that this virus causes.

If I was a scientist, I would focus on this particular virus and if any of the above patients would come to me, I would focus on locating the domain of domicile of the virus, namely, where it is a resident and secondly, which two domains did it “carve out” for itself to travel up and down.


The end. I don’t know. I just think. May God help us all.


Koot van Wyk (17 November 2018, Chongni, South Korea at 6am in the Morning before morning worship).