As part of Tokyo 13, Big City Evangelism, evangelistic meetings of Tokyo Chinese Church was held on May 9 to 11, after the meetings there are three Chinese  and a Japanese decided to be baptized in the earliest opportunity. Church plans to baptize them when they complete Bible study, hopefully June 15, 2013. Brother Liang Chuan Shan from China spoke and Golden Angles sang for the evangelistic meetings. 13 non-Christian Chinese people attended each of meetings and they told Pastor Yu that they would tell their family members and Chinese friends to come to chruch and worship God. Praise the LORD!

 東京華人教會今晚有39人參加,慕道友人數九位,小朋友兩位。呼召時有三位表示願意受洗成為基督徒,感謝主。DSC_7193.JPG DSC_7206.JPG DSC_7235.JPG DSC_7368.JPG DSC_7372.JPG DSC_7375.JPG DSC_7383.JPG DSC_7389.JPG IMG_4827.JPG IMG_4906.JPG IMG_4907.JPG IMG_4935.JPG IMG_4951.JPG IMG_4960.JPG IMG_4962.JPG IMG_4965.JPG IMG_4970.JPG IMG_4980.JPG IMG_5005.JPG IMG_5006.JPG