Jindo, is a famous island because of its sea-parting  phenomenon known to many as "Moses' Miracle." The sea parts similar to that of the Red Sea experience of the Israelites in Moses' time.

We had the privilege of conducting a 10-day summer camp with the kids there. We call if "Self-Directed Learning Camp," with Pastor Ahn In Shik and Pastor Kim Young Jin as speakers, morning and night respectively. Located in the southern part of Korea, it takes about 5 hours by bus from Seoul and about 3 hours by KTX.

The famous "Moses' Miracle" sea-parting similar to Red Sea experience in Moses' time.

The students were taught how to make better choices and plans for their lives, teaching them how to develop healthy and productive habits. The lectures were inspired by Stephen Covey's book "7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens."

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The morning starts with a devotional.The students were divided into groups called "family." They would reflect on Bible passages that is related to the lecture that will be discuss in the morning session. It is then followed by the daily exercise and breakfast.

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After breakfast, students gather to listen to the lecture for an hour before the various classes starts. They could choose which class to attend, English, Math, and violin or piano lessons. The whole after were spent for the English classes and games. After dinner, another lecture concludes the day.

Some things I admire about Jindo are its natural scenic and breathtaking landscape and the people. The place is all mountain with green and lofty trees. The people are so nice and kind, mild-mannered and very friendly. Even the students are very different with the students I've met in Seoul. Maybe because of their peaceful surroundings and less stress lifestyle. I'm happy I got the chance to talk and play with them even for a short period of time.

dsc07057.jpg?w=420This experience is very memorable to me. Not only because I met new friends and visited new places, but also because I've learned a lot and I got my much desired personal retreat. The place has no signal so I couldn't connect to the internet to check my emails or Facebook and I don't have a phone so nobody could contact me. For 9 days, I was disconnected from the busy and stressful city life in Seoul giving me time to reflect and think about many things in my life. As the Psalmist says,

“Be still, and know that I am God;..." Psalm 46:10 

In the quietness of our mind, God speaks to us. Imparting to us His peace that passes all understanding.

dsc07092.jpg?w=214On Saturday, the students and teachers were divided into 4 groups and were assigned to attend in 4 different SDA churches in the area. My group was assigned in Jindo Nambu Church, where we had a VBS presentation during the Sabbath School program and render a special song in the Divine Service.

Majority of the church members are senior citizens. Clad with their colorful dresses, they're happy to welcome us with warm smiles and firm handshakes. They served us a wide variety of food mostly vegetables and fruits. I must say that the food in Jindo is really delicious!



The last day of our stay in Jindo was spent touring the island. We went to Gwanmaedo via a Ferryboat for about an hour and a half ride. We stayed there for four hours and headed back to the mainland. We traveled 2 hours going to Gwangju to have dinner in a ll-vegetarian buffet restaurant before taking the KTX to head home.