kakaotalkiphoneapp.jpgOne of my fave out of hundreds of downloadable free application for mobile and supported non-mobile devices for receiving and sending multimedia messages is Kaotalk, most popularly known as Kakaotalk.

One feature that I really like is that when you send a message, a number appears right next to the time the message was sent. That number tells you the number of friends (when sent to several contacts) who have not yet read the message you sent. When all of your friends have checked the message, the number will disappear.

kaotalk-message.jpg?w=180Whenever I send messages to my friends, I would always wait to see the number disappear. It's disappearance gives me a bit of excitement in anticipation for a reply. It's saddening when a couple of minutes or even hours later, the number is still there.

One particular waiting-for-the-number-to-disappear moment, it came to my mind about how God sends me messages. Suddenly a thought came to my mind...

What if God would use Kaotalk to send me messages?

I imagined Him patiently waiting for the number to disappear that would indicate that I've already read His message(s). He must also be excited to receive replies from me. He must also be sad when the number stays for hours or even days! God must have sent me quite a number of messages to help me through the day. Yet, the numbers don't disappear.

How often do we neglect God's words, His messages to us? We're so excited reading our friends' messages that we check our phones almost every minute. However, we fail to check our Bibles. We should be more excited in reading God's messages for us, because they are messages of eternal and unconditional love, straight from His heart.