God does not forget His people: (Is.49:15)

                    8  Ingbokolo SDA Churches
Mission Report on Kakwa tribe in extreme north-eastern

part of DR Congo;



“It’s God’s providence that we met!” says Pastor Darrel Muehlhauser in Arua,

northwestern part of Uganda.
Probably it was around early May of 2010. Pastor Darrel (I like to call him this way) and

his family were delayed in their departure due to volcanic eruption in Iceland, and its ashes

grounded airplanes for some time. As he was ready to go home (USA) he was not at ease;

several small Kakwa tribe churches he was helping, he was told not to help,

and he is leaving. Without volcanic eruption, they were gone home 2 weeks ago and

we were not able to meet.
As his story unfolds, Maha was closest he could find to see if Ingbokolo churches

could be cared for. And they were only about 60km from Bethel church

(formerly naked tribe Lugbaran) in Congo.
During Paul’s time, there was no Adventist church. Paul went wherever and whenever

when it came to preach Gospel. Not today.
The North Kivu Field of NECAT, DR Congo, where Maha began its ministry four and

a half years ago has registered complaint to South Sudan Field

(refugee headquartered in Arua, Uganda due to war in Sudan),

which is correct, and SSF voted restraints on Pr Darrel, which is also correct.

But NFK has never bothered to come or to know Ingbokolo churches until today.

Maha Mission had to keep quiet to

avoid further complications. Only God took the loss in the meantime.
But now the previous leadership has gone and NKF has split up and gave upper,

northern un-entered region to a newly created “Kibali Ituri Mission” (KIM)

who does not have any faintest idea yet for evangelism in the north.

Maha Mission has decided to public on these 8 churches.
Pr Darrel had passion to support God’s churches in whichever ways he can on

a personal level and he did; ranging from financial help to education and trainings.

And retired layperson Robert Crounse from Berrien Springs, Michigan,

also came to educate them in 2008 and 2009. Two people did their contribution to

Kakwa tribe along Congo side of border between Uganda, and the harvest was

4 SDA churches and 4 branches.
Sam Duku was an elder who was looking after all these 8 churches within the

vicinity of Ingbokolo; about 70km north of Arua, Uganda, then cross border,

18km west of the border.
Sam is a Sudanese of Kakwa tribe, speaks English, Kakwa, Lingala

(widest spoken language in Congo) and Arabic, married with 6 children,

2 boys and 4 girls, came to Congo in 1986 as a refugee;

he is a one person responsible for 4 churches and 4 branches as follows;
  1. Ingbokolo church, 28 members, started 1990.
  2. Rumu church, 30 members, started 1970, 12km north of Ingbokolo.
  3. Maranatha church, 38 members, started 1988, 18km NE.
  4. Lundi church, 26 members, 1989, 76km west.
  5. Agura branch, 5 members, 2009, 5km north.
  6. Yingi branch, 6 members, 2009, 55 km NW.
  7. Kaliga branch, 10 members, 1988, 17km NW.
  8. Ombanya branch, 7 members, 2008, 17km SW.


Besides, Sam has 3 Bible study centers, each with 3-5 members, and 3 Adventist

primary schools where 136 out of 726 students became Adventists.
This is how God uses His servants like Pr Darrel, Robert Crounse and Sam Duku.
Maha Mission began to support them in a small way; stuffed Sam’s dispensary

(drug store) for his self sufficiency, small stipend for each elders of 8 churches

and branches. They had ample supply of “Adventist World” magazines as courtesy

of ADRA Uganda.
Maha received consent from Lira (Northern Uganda Mission) leadership that

we can utilize personal account of Pastor Robert of Arua SDA church so that once

in 3 months Sam Duku can visit Arua to

receive help from Maha. There is no bank nearby Ingbokolo area. We appreciate

for Lira Mission leadership and Pr Robert’s consent to be a mediator.
Maha Mission has been spraying seed of Gospel where Gospel has not entered. 

Now, through Pr Darrel and Bob Crounse, it is first time we are watering on seed

where someone else has planted.

And Maha would like to identify Elder Sam Duku’s perseverance and devotion through

difficulties just to deliver Good News to these small villages.
As we travel around African countries, we often meet such dedicated Adventists,

and the occasion humbles us, and it is such a pleasure to know of them…true

angels and servants of God. They are heroes.


Maha Mission



1.Pr Darrel Muehlhauser-right side.jpg 2. Robert Crounse.jpg 3. Sam Duku-Maha Office.jpg 4. Sam from northeast Congo.jpg 5. Sam in Ingbokolo Office.jpg 6. Elder Isaac Anyole- Ingbokolo Church.jpg 7. Rumu Church.jpg 8. Maranatha SDA.jpg 9. Lundi SDA-Elder Fauste.jpg 10. Agura Branch.jpg 11. Yingi Branch-Elder Nehemiah.jpg 12. Kaliga Branch-Elder Tulu.jpg 14. Elder John Alemi-Ombanya Br.jpg 15. Elder Abu Daniel-Agura Br.jpg 16. Pr Manasi-South Sudan-9baptized.jpg 17. Evangelism at Aboroto.jpg 18.Evangelism at home of Wilson.jpg 19. Lundi SDA.jpg 20. Kaliga Branch.jpg