Volunteer missionary to Uganda

              – Sun Chang SDA Church celebrates;


                      GWS – Maha Mission Report:




Late in the evening of Oct. 10, Elder Park (Sang Mook) has left to Uganda.

His long prayer for wanting to serve in remote, un-entered area has come rather quickly.

God came to answer him.


GWS-Maha Mission wished to treat him good dinner at Incheon Airport while waiting long

hours, Elder Park has insisted to eat his church bread, which his church (Sun Chang SDA,

Cholla Bukdo, nationally famed for its hot pepper products Go Chu Jang) members has

made to help needy people.


Elder Park, 58, is a professional carpenter.

According to his church pastor Kim, Jae Ho, he is a McGiver (US TV series, can do anything)

of Korea. He has a son and 2 daughters. His early morning family worship service was like

aroma of his life of faith; ready for volunteer mission after excruciating long period of



As Maha Mission found out, the proceeds of his life-long construction, and sales thereof,

of 14 houses were donated to his church building. Abandoning his usual income works,

he had volunteered one year of full time work for his new church construction; No wonder

his new church is exceptionally beautiful; pinewood pew, early moon shape ceiling, outside

walls plastered with river collected round stonesnear art level.


GWS Maha Mission (Global Welfare Supporters: President-Pr PD Chun, Sec. Gen.-Pr Park, Chun Sik)

has just launched construction projects of 5 Adventist high schools;


South West Uganda Mission (SWUM) in Mbarara has 15,000 Adventists,

but no Adventist high school existscreating problems for Adventist children

on attendance to school on Sabbath and frequent school tests on Sabbath,

and thereby results difficulties in mission efforts.


GWS-Maha has devised ways to build 4 classrooms per school, operating morning

and afternoon classes in different locations, so that most children could commute from

their homes. Already funds for 2 high schools were delivered to SWUM, 1 high school

funded by Sahmyook University (President-Dr. Ki Kon Kim) and 2nd one by retired pastor

Pyung Duk Chun, himself as President of GWS.


Elder Park is going to Mbarara as a supervisor and technical expert representing

GWS-Maha Mission. He has been officially dispatched by his church Sun Chang,

applied for AVS (Adventist Volunteer Service)-His Hands missionary status from GC.

Maha Mission is an approved mission group by the General Conference and ECD

(East Central Africa Division), hence he can freely serve within ECD countries upon

completion of 5 high schools, to further continue to help to build additional

Adventist high school in the region.


His pastor Jae Ho Kim has allocated sensibly Vesper time on Oct. 7th Sabbath evening

as foreign mission devotional, and on Sabbath Oct. 8th, there was a solemn

“Missionary Dispatch Service” during joint worship service time with SDA Yuchon church

quoting Acts 13:2-3, and it was a great celebration time for them. The entire church was

so proud to dispatch a volunteer service missionary to Uganda, Africa, from their own church.

This day became a historical day for Adventists in Sun Chang Church.


Elder Park has been praying for overseas mission service but even he did not realize that

his vision will come true so quickly. Most of his church members had somewhat hesitance

and reservations as to viability of his vision. But when they realized dream-like vision

came to reality so quickly, they all praised God and returned glory to Him.


Global Welfare Supporters - Maha Mission recognizes educational mission along with

medical mission are two of the most useful and efficient means of mission works.

And we endeavor to continue along to the goal.





GWS - Maha Mission





1. Meeting GWS-Maha officials.JPG 2. Beautiful Sun Chang.JPG 3. Fall at Mt.Gang Chun, Sun Chang.JPG 4. Home of nationally famous Go Chu Jang, pepper.JPG 5. Old church now used as center for children.JPG 6. New Sun Chang SDA Church.JPG 7. 1 year fully devoted to church construction.JPG 8. Elder Park and family.JPG 9. AM family devotional.JPG 10. Mission time-Vesper.JPG 11. Pr Jae Ho Kim.JPG 12. Missionary's mission statement.JPG 13. Special prayer for Elder Park.JPG 14. Sermon by Pr Kim.JPG 15. Missionary sending photo.JPG