The 8th batch of the Golden Angels are composed of young men and women who left their comfort zones to venture in to God's vineyard. They were called by God and they answered it willingly. To stop what they were doing, jobs, studies and other productive activities to become God's voice to the people was in no way an easy decision. Facing the uncertainties of the mission field, they faced it with only faith, faith that God will be able to sustain them with all their needs as they sing for Him and bring people closer to Him through their voices. They inspired young people, visited the sick and encouraged them with heavenly songs. God was portrayed through the songs they sang with all of their hearts. Every note they melodiously hummed and resonated became the voice of God for a weary and discouraged soul. God's grace and power was amplified through their unselfish service and dedication.

             God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies those whom He calls. Their service for a year can be forgotten by men but God won't. The ripple effects of changed lives they were able to touch will continue to  vibrate and resonate throughout the ages. It may not be visible nor tangible, because the effect of what God can do to a life dedicated for His mission is beyond our comprehension. Let us pray for them as they live their lives as "former" Golden Angel or what we can call a "representative" of God's voice!