Dear Brethren,
I'm Pastor Hyosu Jung, a Korean missionary to Congo DR and working here since March 2009 with my family.
I have reported our mission work continue in Korean, but it was hard to translate in English.
But today I tried it, even there are many wrong expressions I think.
Thank you for your understanding.


The 2nd group of Lay Missionary Training program has just started.
We have 17 lay missionaries who are working in the field after 2 months of training program which was started May 1st, 2011.
They are working successfully in the different part of North-Kivu Association of DR Congo since July 2011.

For last group, we couldn't have enough people to train, we had expected 20 people, but we had 17 people only.
And most of them were farmers and didn't graduate secondary school even.
But they have worked hard and successfully, for 6 months after they assigned they baptized 23 people for an average and the tithe of all churches where they are working have increased for 2 or 3 times then before, and they are planting new branches and schools.
And now, just we have started another training program for twenty of 2nd group of lay people.

There were 36 lay people who brought application and had Bible tests for this second group.
There were different kinds of people, from 60 years old one to 20 years old one, from intelligent one who finished master course to the one who didn't finished primary school, from a father who has 10 children to the bachelor.
It was hard work to choose 20 people among 36, but we didn't concern about the number of children and school, because we don't know what plan God has for them.
So finally we have 21 lay people who will attend this training program include the one who joined after finishing training program last year.

Last sabbath(May 5th) We worshiped together with church members in Rwese Church before they start, and shared the words of calling as fishers of men from Jusus Christ and dedicated their lives to God's Service.
Paster Kisunzu who has retired from pastoring service decided to take care of them as dean of Domitory.

I especially thank Pastor Myoungkwan Hong who is giving council and supporting this project.  

An also we met 1st group of lay missionaries in Beni City for special evangelism.
There is very special evangelistic program in Beni as the part of urban ministry work.
As North-Kivu Association selected this Beni City for urban ministry for this session, we will have 2 weeks(May 12th~26th) of special evangelistic series at six places in this city with Washington-Spencerville Korean Church of USA and Everlasting Gospel Publishing Association(Elder Cho).
3 Lay missionaries assigned for each church, and they will visit house to house and teach the Bible with church members, 7 members include Pastor Doopyo Hong from Washington-Specerville Korean Church will join 2nd week of this Evangelism and preach, and all the church members of Beni City will work to distribute 50,000 booklets which were printed and donated by Everlasting Gospel Publishing Association in Korea.

Thank you for your special prayer for Congo Churches,
Also please remember these two special program in your prayer.

And we are getting special donation for 1st group missionaries.
After finishing their one year service, we will choose 10 missionaries who has good spirit and efforts among 18 people, and will support them continue to serve churches continue(two of them will be supported for Theology School).
So we started the program "1 person 1 missionary support program".
As you pray for, please remember it also.
Thank you very much, and may our Lord bless you and your ministry.

Best wishes,

Jung, Hyosu
North Kivu Association, Democratic Republic of Congo
PMM(Pioneer Mission Movement) missionary of NSD

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