The weather is cold and the snow is falling. We are excited to know what we can receive for the upcoming yuletide season. But Missionaries from the WCKC area together with some foreign English teachers joined hand in hand in service for God. On November 1, 2014 in Uiejongbu station almost 500 tracts were given out and almost 387,000 KRW excluding the USD dollars donation was raised for the children in Thailand.

These were realized through their efforts by God's grace, standing and singing for almost 5 hours giving out tracts and inviting people to donate for the cause. Those who donated were given little chocolate treats to remind them of the children they were able to help by their selfless acts. It was not the end, many more events like this will be done and your prayers will be deeply appreciated.  To know more about this project, please visit this FB page in your leisure time or when you get the time.

Here are some of the photos from the event.

64789_766191370082984_534783028406589903_n.jpg 1012963_766191326749655_7973761483268047283_n.jpg 1484574_766191800082941_5330498117384526867_n.jpg 1601528_766191280082993_1520953732126578214_n.jpg 1724100_766191253416329_5963532529840524915_n.jpg 10385505_766191676749620_6212424013152075879_n.jpg 10388062_766191426749645_1610689040113847211_n.jpg 10414458_766191440082977_5482557693375047586_n.jpg 10430414_766191453416309_7910736147731569312_n.jpg 10552392_766191190083002_4040117608946875271_n.jpg 10609598_766191756749612_5680177225985862534_n.jpg 10731215_766191220082999_4756474225565788118_n.jpg 10801571_766191476749640_7905549321660229673_n.jpg Praying time.jpg