" Field trip to Baganyyr "

Thursday, March17, 2015, on a sunny spring day we had baptismal class. Our teacher Purvee told that us we were going to Baganyyr church to make new friends with the Baganyyr kids and have an over night field trip on March 27. At first I was so excited to go. Then my friend Nandy told me that she couldn't go with us. So i asked her why? She said that she has to look after her brothers , and I was sad for her. Then I decided not to go because Nandy, my friend, isn't going,, Next Thursday as we gathered for our baptismal class, teacher asked the names for who is going to Baganyyr, a lot of kids raised their hands but me and Nandy didn't raise our hands. When teacher asked us why, Nandy said she has to look after her brothers. When teacher turned to me and asked me the reason. I said I haven't decide yet. Bilguun, a 10th grader, told me to go and he said i wouldn't regret it. After for a while I told teacher that I am joining to a field trip. During our class time we were planning what we are going to do in Baganuur. I was kind of excited . Then i realised only 3 girls were going out of like 9 boys. So, the next day I packed my stuff: a sleeping bag, a toothbrush,a toothpaste, a hair brush, a face soap and of course my jamies (pajama). The next day it was raining and snowing at the same time yet it was beautiful. I sat on a car to my school. I was soooo excited I couldnt sit still. My classmates told me if I am ready for the finalls?? I was forget all about examination so I asked ' there is a test today for math?? They said 'ofcourse where were you??' Soo I said I will just use my brain, and they said goodluck then the clock stricked 8.00am.