Our class went to nalaih church for making new friends and helping out at the church . it was an overnight trip , just for one night. I go to the adventist school here in ulaanbaatar , propably the only adventist school here in ub(ulaanbaatar) there are about 123 kids that go to tusgal the adventist school.
And on our way there we had to a public bus it was packed with people and we had our sleeping bags and clothes and our school book since we went there right after school on friday, it was winter last year, it was freezing cold~ yet the fellow church youth and the pastor came to pick us up from the bus stop even though it was freezing cold outside!!  the road was icy and slippery and i slipped on ice and fell down , my clasmates started laughing at me i mean who wouldnt !? i looked hilarious like a cow falling down!!!! and so i imagined how i looked when i fell and started laughing hysterically.. the kids from nalaih church stared at me weirdly like omg she's weird for laughing at herself but one of the girls helped me up hhee, but she stilll had the weird look on her face but its okay soon enough they'll get used to it, we got in the church we unpacked and got ready for going ot the market for buying vegetables for our food for that night and the day after, so 3 kids from nalaih church went there and 3 kids from my class and our teacher went alltogether, so i was left with the rest of the kids and i must say it was really awkward..
we introduced ourselves tha night and we had sundown worship and got ready for bed time.

So me , ganzaya teacher and her niece
got ready for bed i told them that we should talk allnight but i ended up talking to myself since they slept right away. sad. really sad.

The next morning we had our breakfast and got to church everybody was there already, and the kids form nalaih church started singing, i think about 5 kids were up on stage and when they sang some of them starting crying , i think the song really touched their hearts, and soon enough i have no idea why i started crying too, weird right????? but i really think they were being sincere and sang with all of thier heart even when they prayed i could just feel the sincerity(im sorry for opning my eyes while prayer was going hhe)
they must really want to know about jesus more,  because they walk about 2 miles in freezing winter just to come to church and learn more about jesus, i know this may sound cliche` but its really true they even stayed late night to help out with the upcoming programs and preaparation for the next sabbath, we really had a blast there !! i would love love LOVE to go back there again sometime.