I thought that the greatest companion I could ever have was a cat. It may seem funny but I thought cats could be the best companion for me, because cats won’t   leave  you  , they won’t betray you, and they will be there when you are lonely, sad ,and happy . By thinking like this I begged my mom for a cat I mean a kitten .Luckily for me my mom’s friend has a cat that just gave birth to a kitten  yep I am serious just a kitten usually cats give birth to liter of kitties but strangely she gave birth to just one. Just like me I have no siblings , I am an only child . But in order to get this kitty was not like “mom may I have a kitten?” “sure” it was not like this . My mom said if I wanted to get this kitten I had to earn the money by myself. I am just a child , who would ever employ me at this age?!? . Suddenly I had this idea  and I told my mom “If I wash the dishes , I would get 5,OOO ₮ . I would sweep the floor for another  5,000₮. I would wash the floor for 5,000₮. It was a deal the cat I wanted was 80,000₮. I know I’m a genius   I would actually do my chores for free and without my mom telling me to do it , but this was urgent . One day I reached 80,000 and got the kitten I was wishing for. The cat would keep me company and he was the only one that gave noise and overload of joy and happiness to our home wich was usually quiet and calm before he came ,  I was so happy! Now” I wasn’t lonely anymore “ I thought but I realized I was not that lonely before god was always  there so were my guardian angels . And even though   god wasn’t visually there he was spiritually there for me always. “If your heart is broken, I’ll be there. I’ll save you when you are crushed in your spirit  . I will care for you like a shepherd .you are a lamb in my arms, held close to my heart. I’ll wipe every tear from your eyes .If you ever doubt about My love ,remember that I loved you so much that I gave the only son I had, Jesus, to lay down his life, just so you could live with me forever. I hope you are absolutely convinced that nothing-nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable- can get between you and my love, because of what Jesus  did for you. And one day I look forward to seeing you face to face: tears gone  , crying gone, pain gone .Remember that I am coming soon, so keep living by all the words you find in my book. (ps.34:18:isa.40:11; rev. 21:4; rom.8:38,39; rev.21:4,7).