MOU Guidelines to Editors of Seventh-day Adventist Theological Journals

Koot van Wyk

All editors follow the common unspoken MOU that articles qualify for publication in this Journal because the Journal legally stands registered under the name and umbrella of the World Wide registered General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, of which Sahmyook University is a subsidiary. As such the MOU is that articles are protecting and advancing thinking in Adventism and any article that is opposed or in contradiction to the Decisions of the Annual General Conference, is considered not fit for publication.

The 27 Fundamental Beliefs of Adventists are commonly upheld and unless experimental ideas are verified in a scientific manner in such a way that it uplifts, enhance, or establish the Belief of the Adventists, it is not wise to publish.

Any idea that runs against the inspiration and revelation of the Word of God or suggestive of doing so, is not fit for publication in this journal.

In the case of WO there has been three times thorough investigations academically on this issue and three times the General Conference voted against the concept based on biblical grounds. It would be rebellious an attitude to try to go against the grain of the General Conference decision and according to counsel from Spirit of Prophecy, such acts is considered rebellion against God.

The society of the Old Testament was not a dominant male chauvinistic society. Women could own land as the last chapter of Proverbs indicates. There were business woman.

The following two books argue as follows: the ancient religion of Israel was that Yahweh had a wife or mistress called Asherah but that the Hebrew Bible due to male chauvinism in the Hebrew text, cut Asherah out from her role in society and it is the modern person’s task to place Asherah back in her proper perspective and role, also with WO.

Kosnik, D., History's Vanquished Goddess ASHERAH: God's Wife: the Goddess Asherah, Wife of Yahweh. Archaeological & Historical Aspects of Syro-Palestinian Pre-Biblical Traditions, Macrocosmically Examined. Emergent Press IIc, 2014.

Johnston, S. I., Religions of the Ancient World. A Guide. Harvard University Press, 2004.

The trust of the studies are: the biblical text against WO is wrong and the pantheism and tolerance with all religions including Baal and Asherah is correct and that is where true religion is situated.

Arguing for WO in modern times is siding with Asherah and these groups like Kosnik and Johnston.

WO was dealt with by many online articles, discussing all the aspects necessary to study regarding the matter with good biblical and Spirit of Prophecy statements. There are also many presentations that are crucial to consider or summarize before anyone can outline a plan or suggestion for WO in the Adventist church. Otherwise the observations are superficial and does not render a correct position and someone will notice it.

The following MOU is a suggestion to all editors of this journal: namely, not to engage in any “Froomistic agendas” of “apologetic attempt to appease or comprise Adventist appearance for the sake of recognition or accreditation by outside Theological Bodies” and in the process bring into Adventist Theology a suppression of any part of theology of the pioneers or Ellen White or misrepresent our doctrines or that of the General Conference and Fundamental Beliefs in any way. The French Book of J. R. Zurcher of 1994 translated into English A Historical Survey of Adventist Thought on the Human Nature of Christ: Touched with Our Feelings. RH publishing Association, 1999, indicated with modern historiography that L. R. Froom was guilty of this deviating desire to make Adventism appear acceptable to the prejudiced Theological environment of the 1950’s and ultimately this action led to many deviations in Theology in Adventism in successive decades breeding products like Desmond Ford, and a number of other byproducts that did great and costly harm to the Seventh-day Adventist Institution and its Beliefs including Ellen White Understanding. The MOU is that any article that is an attempt to “apple-shine” or fan-out to the Scholarly world in order to “appease them” or “impress them” contrary to the General Conference Decisions on Practice and Faith, or Fundamental Beliefs, or Biblical Beliefs of any of our Pioneers, except so indicated by numerous academic listed data by both the Biblical Institute or Doctorals or General Conferences statements, should not be published or presented in this journal. As R. Larson indicated that Christology in Adventism was “the church speaks with a single voice” (1852-1952) but that the Froom years “the epoch of confusion” (from 1952 onward; Zurcher 1999: 237). Other scholars like Dennis Priebe on and explained by Zurcher also confirms the damaging role of Froom’s objectives. Our Editors of this journal should pay attention to this apathetic theological approach, called here just “Froomistic attempts/agendas”.