New Peace Plan for South and North Korea proposed in September 2017


Who? Myself. Who told you? Nobody. Did they try it before? No.


All nations of the 6-way talks have come to a dead-end street. All are standing with their backs against the wall and the delusion is that the only way out is war which no-one wants but nearly all are prepared for.

War or Peace?

Let us try Peace.



The plan is not the PPAP of Japan which on can see on video. “I have pine apple, I have a pen, uh, I have a pine-apple pen”.


This plan needs ingredients: all six parties must work on it. It will not be done in one day but over x-years in no less than five phases.


The essence of the plan is a NATO + parties selected like China and Russia together military force that is used for the following purpose: the complete demilitarization of the Korean Peninsula, Koreans also.


How will it start?


The six parties leaders of countries meets in Berlin with Frau Merkel as chairperson. Why Merkel? Because mr. Putin and mr. Xi can work with her. She knows the other side of Germany and can speak Russian.


-Agree that all superpowers in South and North Korea must be allowed by NATO (+ other nations agreed by China and Russia) the replacement and surrender of arms or remove arms from both sides of the peninsula, a process that will take over a period of one or two years.


-Agree that systematic demilitarization will take place under the eyes of NATO (other) and Russia plus China military representatives for the South and NATO (other) and American military representatives for the North.


-Agree that NATO + other forces function is not there to change the society or their choice of society but to maintain the order and prevent chaos that was done by the previous powers.


-Agree not to tolerate any obstruction or negative activity by any of the six party members.


-Agree to cooperate in one year of total surveillance and indexing of military status quo of each sides, North and South Korea simultaneously, to make sure that a systematic process of demilitarization is properly carried out under continuous supervision and that secret tunnels or labs in tunnels or caves or mines are not places of hiding WMD from the surveillance teams. This is for both sides North and South.


-Agree that after one year and the report to start with the allocation of a time-table for removal of all weaponry in the absolute. Only the police must be allowed their weapons as is normal in any country and also limited amount of weapons as the quota would specify.


-Agree that the subject of vested rights and invested costs will be addressed later a few years later when the prosperity of the nation of the whole peninsula will become visible.


-Agree that at a later date taxes and other payments will be applied for by the superpowers in both North and South Korea permitted by the UN when that time shows visible success on the peninsula.


-Agree that no party of the six may prescribe to any other party any aspect but that all must cooperate to equal retreat for the superpowers and weapon surrender for ROK and for the North military.


-Agree to ask the WorldBank to finance the salary payments of the North’s soldiers as they surrender to the peace treaty agreement for an interim period until industrial work or other employment can be established by special NGO groups that is not military related or weapons factory related.


-Agree to dismantle main functional components from the weapon building factories to render reuse impossible.


-Agree that after a year of retreat and demilitarization and weapon removal, at its completion, that PHASE TWO can start.





-Agree that in the second year with thousands of NATO Troops on both sides of the DMZ that DMZ will be removed and landmines removed.


-Agree that a judicial committee will be selected from equal size from North and South Korea to serve as the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMITTEE.



-Agree that this committee will be tasked with the interviewing of anyone on both South and North Korea regarding the misconduct, crime, or any other political monstrosity and that individuals will be asked to apply freely to this committee to witness honestly and openly to them and thus will be forgiven and reconciled to start a new life totally clean. Book closed and new book open principle.


-Agree that a history of records of crimes over 63 years will be reconstructed by the committee not for sharing to the public for media purposes but in order to confront individuals with the alternative of pleading guilty and repent out of themselves or be arrested and jailed for their actions. The purpose of this is to lay down to generation to come that which should never be repeated in future and why.


-Agree that the judicial committee will lay down the rules of “hate-speech” and “name-calling” or any other crime related to ideological confrontations and stress to make sure that a total commitment is achieved from everyone on all sides to work together instead of against each other.


-Agree that the timing of the committee may take several years, even longer than ten but that it must be an ongoing one.




-Agree that free legal aid will be immediately put available for any North Korean or South Korean who cannot afford to deal with issues specifically related to a North-South incident.


-Agree that a special ECONOMIC TEAM will set laws and rules for the protection of North Korean civilians rights so that they are not abused or misused due to their lack of funds, skill, education or any other aspect that could place them in a very poor situation next to a wealthy society.


-Agree that an OMBUDSMAN will be selected for every city so that these North Koreans have the ability to bring their complaints of daily problems in labor and residence situations to the attention of the law enforcement agencies. The law will favor the poor for a period of x-years in clear evidence of misuse or abuse.




-Agree to systematically place North Koreans in South Korean positions and ask South Koreans to take up positions in the North so that the speed of normalization can be achieved.


-Agree that NGO’s, clinics, medical initiatives in the private sectors will be encouraged to also branch out to North Korea, albeit for the purpose of support for a period of at least three years before minor increases in service charges is charged from the clients related to their incomes.




-Agree that only after demilitarization from the second year the process of migration will be limited to day trip visas only until the whole process is completed.


-Agree that as the mood of the continent determines, the visa time will be increased to days and later to weeks and then to months and finally a total free choice of residency.

-Agree finally, after the completion of the process successfully, no less than a period of ten years, a complete removal of all forces from both sides of the DMZ and the Peninsula in a status of pacifism with zero military aspirations as a nation. 


North Korean public needs to know:

1.  They cannot leave the country at first in the first year.

2.  They will later given total freedom to even determine their country where they want to apply to stay.

3.  They will be permitted to visit Seoul from the Second Year after the demilitarization took place for a day trip which will later become a week trip and then a month stay and then freely open to anytime.

4.  Migration freedom will be the last final evidence of the success of the PLAN.


[Designer of the plan: Koot van Wyk, DLitt et Phil; ThD; Visiting Professor at Kyungpook National University, Sangju Campus, South Korea, Visiting Professor of Avondale College, Australia] (21 September 2017)

[PS. Why do I write about politics when my interest is religion? Why must I spent talking about this then? I will be honest. I am an ESL teacher and my students are all wondering how things can be solved and no-one has the answer. It seems the whole world do not have the answer. I think I have spent enough time with my Bible to outline a suggestion that is in coherency with my own ethics and truth perceptions and that echoes my grassroots as well. ]