And Caesar wanted all to be listed for tax in Luke 2:1 and Joseph and Mary had to take a donkey and moved hundred and ten kilometers down to Bethlehem to be listed. But Mary was far pregnant. And when He was born shepherds in the fields with their sheep got a message from angels about it.

And on 25th of December the snow lies thick on the fields. What pregnant woman will get on a donkey for 110 km in snow? What farmer sit in the fields of snow with his sheep?

So Jesus was never born in December. It is too cold.

So where did the church get this business of December 25 as the birthday of Jesus?


Constantine was worshipping his god Sol [Latin for sun] and in one army battle he looked at the sun and saw the cross of Christ in it. His mother became a Christian. Helena was asked to go and hunt where the tomb of Christ was and she located it currently where it is in the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Constantine changed the worship day from the 7th to the 1st because the first day was the Dies Sol or the Day of the Sun or Sunday, for short.

He did this in 324 CE.

Fifty years before Constantine, 324-50 = 274. The emperor Aurelian decided in 274 that the birthday for the Sol Invictus is on the 25th of December. The sungod of Constantine was born on the 25th of December. The 25th December is the night that it will become shorter and the days become longer. The turning point for farmer.

In 337 CE Constantine was baptized on his deathbed. He never was a Christian before, just had a veneer of sanctity, doublehearted. But on his deathbed he forced himself to become a Christian and was baptized.

The year before in 336 CE they have found in archaeology a calendar that says: December 25 is the birthday of Jesus Christ.

It could only have come from Helena or from Constantine himself.

In 356 CE Pope Julius I said that Jesus was born on December 25. Was he first? No. The Calendar of Constantine already said that. But Constantine stole the birthday of Sol for Christ.

The Western Church thus adopted the pagan Sol birthday December 25 as the date for the birth of Christ.

The Eastern Church like the Armenians still think it is January 6.

Why do they say December 25 or January 6?

They had the theory, which is not biblical, that Jesus was conceived on the same day He died. So, since He died on the 25th of March for the Western Church and the 6th April for the Eastern Church.

From the conception they count 90 days to their two dates December 25 for the birth of Christ and January 6 for the Eastern church.

What a hoax. The Bible do not give the birthdate of Christ and December 25 it cannot be and neither 6th of January.