Seminaryless theologians


koot van Wyk, DLitt et Phil; Thd, Chongni, Sangju Campus, South Korea


I am the seminaryless theologian

sitting on Chongni street

playing my harmony of the soul interacting with God's Book


The grandmothers and grandfathers stroll pass

look into the yard

stand maybe

wonder what he is doing?


Then pass on to their pieces of land

to tilt the land

burn the weeds

getting ready for the first planting rain


Between the Old Latin, the Coptic and Greek Revelation of John

I type in a hurry to finish entering the ancient texts

They differ here and there from the original Greek

And I want to know why?


But the great seminaries of the World

are not interested in all that

and here I sit with my Theologian housewife

eating her nice food


and both of us are seminaryless theologians

By Divine asortment for us

No regret

No stress


The grandfathers and grandmothers stroll pass

stop, look to the yard over their shoulders

wonder what he or she is doing?

Typing, Band, EGWorg, articles, books, commentaries, Genesis, Lifelong English classes,


Then pass on to their pieces of land

to plant the land after the rain

spray their blossom wanting peaches with the sausage tractor

The damwall up the hill overflow wall needs a Dutch boy to put his finger in, potential disaster caller


Between the Syriac, the Hebrew, Arabic vocabulary, and again Revelation of John

We type in a hurry to finish preparing

to drive 48 km to the mountain church in Yonghwa

so that the seven of us can fill our cups with the Spirit of God on Sabbath


For we are the seminaryless theologian couple

Happy together in the Old and happy together in the New Testament

Happy with Greek, with Hebrew, with Andrews University alma mater memories, with Avondale visit memories

day in and day out following our Godwilled course in the villages of the countryside among farmers


And when You come, O Lord,

thousand and thousand seminaries above

with millions of students waiting to be taught

We will stand tall for You, me and my wife, theologians with no seminary