Pictorial Bible Exegesis: Isaiah 41 and the Advent


Isaiah in chapter 41 opened a panel of the Second Coming Christ the King from the East and asks, who authorized Christ to come from the East “who aroused One from the East”? (Isaiah 41:2a). He is called in Righteousness [Christ our Righteousness but the Targum calls him Abraham] to God “to His feet” (Isaiah 41:2b). The Trinity works together here. Christ delivers up nations before Him and subdues kings at His Second Coming (Isaiah 41:2d). “Who has calling forth the generations from the beginning?” (Isaiah 41:4b). It is God the Father. Christ is also Lord and the first and the last just like the Father here (Isaiah 41:4c).


(Excerpt from K. van Wyk, Van Wyk Christ’s Actions in History Prophetically, unpublished). 

Pictorial Bible Exegesis Isaiah 41 photo.jpg