Peace Peace and then it is the End-Time


History has an End. Not death. But a glorious End for the good and a bad situation for the bad. Christ predicted it to everyone in Matthew 24 replayed in Luke 21 and Mark 13.

Christ? Christ was predicted by Daniel 9:24-27 to be baptized in 27 AD and die in 31 AD and that was the time Christ died. Daniel? Why did the Jews miss it? It is after all books from their own hands?

Some saw it and the Jewish gospels were written because they used the year-day principle in prophecy. One day = one year so that 490 days = 490 years. So said also Thomas Aquinas, the Reformers in Protestantism, George Ioue who caused Tyndale’s death, even Hugo Grotius the Reform believer turned papist.

But what about 2300 days in Daniel 8:14? They all went bananas. They threw away the year-day principle as non-existent. All of them. The same ones. What an inconsistency in prophetic interpretation. And both the 490 and 2300 starts at the same date: 457 BCE. What is so difficult understanding that?

So End-time has to start when the Sanctuary will be cleansed in 1844, which is the end of the 2300 years. That simple. Sanctuary or temple building in current Jerusalem? No. The Sanctuary in Heaven. Dirty in Heaven to be cleansed? Satan who made humanity drunk with sin created also a stigma against sinners in the Sanctuary in Heaven and that stigma has to be set straight by Christ Who died for all potentially until they accept His gift conditionally.

So Christ spelled out the End of Times as a time when they will say “Peace, Peace” but there will not be peace.

Christ also explained to Nebucadnezzar through Daniel in Daniel 2 that the last period in history is a period of the feet when the clay and iron cannot mix. Peace impossible. Clay is soft democracy with many freedoms and iron is authoritarian Marxism. Marxism it is because that is where you find Stalin and Putin, Mao and Xi and also the Kims of the North. At least before April of 2018. On their knees worshipping their Jewish German philosopher and cultist, Karl Marx.

worship of atheists.jpg

Karl Marx designed a secular eschatology or End-time scenario with communism all over the world. He hated the Judeo-Christian religion or philosophy but turn out to be one himself but more than that, became a cult-leader unknowingly. China erected a statue of Marx in the city of Triers recently. On their knees. They hate foreign influence except a German-Jewish one. Ironic.

In Africa we say that crows and chickens do not mix. A crow can make a peace treaty with a crow and a chicken can make a peace treaty with a chicken but not a crow with a chicken. You do find frats situations that a crow and chicken can become great friends. But that is just as long as the two of them lives. After the death of either one, the honeymoon is over.

Thus, without one of the parties changing 180 degrees in the opposite direction, there is no hope for change. If the leader of a country decides that he also wants to have a hammer and sickle in the hand and be a Marxist cultist on the knees, but his fellow country-men are not or do not want it, yet…, then that leader will probably turn to neo-facism, which is Mussolini’s principle of pulling the feather of the chicken one a day so that the populace do not notice. By the time they open their eyes the chicken is featherless and Marxism is the key.

A truth and reconciliation committee is necessary [like in South Africa in 1994] where each side confesses the wrongs against the other and then in truth and transparency forgiveness can take place. A new page is started. A resolution is made not repeat historical mistake again. Such a public televised confession on both sides of South and North Korea can change the minds of all to follow the new way of peace, really, and not just with outside vanish on it for photo-ops [to be later propaganda wise misused in political games].

Marx did not like religion so the style China has, is to have state-installed atheists as pastors who at heart is a Marxist party-member but in lips role out all the words of the sermons of the particular church he/she is belonging to. The secular and Marxist recognized official of the church. This is what the media is pointing out. Also the BBC recently in 2018. Persecutions? Yes. BBC says that in 2018 crosses were ripped off churches and members arrested in the churches as well as loudspeakers ripped out of Mosques. So much for the Marxist relationship between state and religion. Karl would be very happy indeed since religion is the opium of the people.

So how successful can any peace-deal be in 2018? Whether Iran or North Korea or any part of the world? Christ words is the answer in Matthew 24, namely that there will be no lasting peace. Secondly, Daniel’s words in Daniel 2 that clay and iron will not mix so a unity cannot be achieved.

Liberation Theologians are trying to teach that Christians can be Marxists but that is biblically unsustainable. If the canon of the Bible includes disputed pseudepigrapha and apocrypha, then twisting the biblical words in an non-fundamental way will not matter and if the interpretation of the fathers of the church is accepted above the Bible and the decrees of popes are above that as well, then one can understand how drifting from fundamental textual reading takes place. This is how an idea that is not supported in the Bible becomes the accepted norm. Para-biblical norms. Loosened from the biblical text, it is easier to embrace the secular theology of Karl Marx and that is basically what Francis did, if one understands some of his statements correctly.

The socialism of the Bible includes God and does not exclude Him like Karl Marx did. If religions are fascistic orientated with non-tolerance for other religions they are participating in the same Marxistic ideals borrowed from the Jesuit saying that the end justifies the means, a para-biblical ethic.  

The Christian is supposed to respect the state since the heart of the ruler, good or bad, is in the Hand of God, says Proverbs 21:1. It is thus wrong to rebel, to have strikes, to participate in underground protest groups. Civil strives, even against the wrongs of the state is not biblical.

But, if the state makes direct physical dilemmas to a person appealing him/her to denounce their belief or faith for a substitute provided, the answer is: “No”. Absolutely No. That is why so many millions died under the papal persecution of 1260 years between 538-1798. Revelation 13 says that the papacy or first beast got a deadly wound when Napoleon’s general Berthier arrested the pope in 1798 but Revelation 13 also said that the papacy’s wound would be healed. And it was if one thinks of all the countries that attached themselves to Pope John Paul II.

Will the papacy be back with their Middle-Age fascism? Apparently yes. The fascism of the USA will give the papacy its fascism and persecution will follow again.

The USA fascistic? A number of scholars like Madelein Albright in her book on Fascism, also on Youtube. There are talks of New American Fascism with a finger pointing to the reactionary youth groups around alt-right and other groups. But the left is equally fascist with their dogmatic stands on abortion, gay-rights, transsexual toilet rights etc. Forcing institutions, even private religious institutions to accept these anti-biblical or para-biblical ethics of absurd equity.

Some say Trump is fascistic. He is definitely becoming authoritarian. It is the populism that gives fascism it space. That is what a professor from the USA said recently.

So where is the world going? As the Bible foretold the End-Time would be and Paul listed in Timothy the last days scenario events that coincides with what Christ said the End-time would be. We are in the End-Time and that proverbial period/dot/stopper is around the corner.

What must I do in my little circle about that? My citizenship is in heaven. I am heaven bound. I am not interested in worldliness, spiritual decay, secularism, any of these political issues, Marxism, atheism, agnosticism. My focus is on Christ and what He did for me and where He is going to lead me until He comes. Soon I believe. Preparation, Bible studies, prayer, that is what is needed for a successful survival kid for these dangerous times we are living in.