The Spiritual dimension of Fascism

Koot van Wyk (DLitt et Phil; ThD)

Modern Fascism or Totalitarianism is a spiritual decay. When World War II finished in 1945, everyone was asking how it was possible for the globe to be involved in so much sadism and monstrosities? In 1949 Karl Löwith attempted to answer this question in Meaning of History. He traced it back not only to the Enlightenment and Rationalism or the wrong interpretation of Joachim of Fiore of the millennium and new earth in the Book of Revelation in the 12-14th centuries of which Sabine Schmolinsky supplied much data in Der Apokalypsenkommentar des Alexander Minorita in 1991. The Jewish migrant from Europe to Japan and then in 1941 to the Hartford University in the USA and then back in 1952 to Europe tried to understand this problem as cyclic. This last word is the influence of Buddhism in Japan on Löwith. He traced the problem back to Messiah seeking in Jewish times but back into the Old Testament.

If one reads about the lives of the fathers of modern Fascism like Friedrich Engels a summary from R. Boer indicates that Engels rejoiced in hedonism, that his friend pastor played cards, himself smoking and enjoyed drinking, that his teacher Bruno Bauer when he was sacked in Hengstenberg’s era shortly after teaching Karl Marx the Book of Isaiah, was doing so with injections from the Young Hegelians who tried to cut the Bible into pieces as a human designed piece for self-propaganda purposes, in higher-critical fashion. Engels’ Commentary on Revelation, his self-interpretive attempt to put his higher critical friends and their fight with conservatives as the Great Controversy in heaven, displayed his own religious conviction, namely, that he admitted that the Young Hegelians are siding with the devil and that he is one of them.

The modern and current neo-Fascist Alexandr Dugin displayed an open fascination with the British Satanist Alistar Crowley and cited him positively for his palingenesis “rebirth” concepts, utilized his 8 pointed star and number 418 as important and is thus not out of step with the rejection of divine law and law keeping of the Hegelians and Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Fascism is a spiritual attitude of rejection of the Divine Law of God and that is why Karl Marx, when he met the French Marxists in the 1870’s said: “All I know is that I am not a Marxist”. The reason is that the French “Marxists” tried to amalgamate communistic ideas with the Book of Acts to Christianize it and Marx, following the skepticism of his teacher Bruno Bauer, the tobacco shop owner and farmer after being sacked at university in 1839, was a leader with the devil as Friedrich Engels wrote to his pastor friend in a letter, in November of 1839, to pastor Wilhelm Gaeber.

Those who side with higher-critics, side with the Fathers of Fascism Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, who themselves claim to belong on the side of the devil, who has modern neo-Fascists like Dugin designing their thinking with the occult and Satanist theories of Alister Crowley.

The card-playing pastor Gaeber became converted within a few months since in the second letter to this pastor, Engels already had to change his own story. This time the Book of Revelation is used to create a kind of Battle of Armageddon with the young Hegelians and himself on one side and pastor Gaeber and the anti-Higher Critics like Tholuck, Hengstenberg, Neander, Nitzsche, Bleek and Erdmann on the other side.

So Karl Löwith continuity spree in his 1949 [post-War] explanation of the meaning of history after destruction by humanity of humanity, makes more sense than the 1966 discontinuity reaction by Hans Blumenberg in his essay trying to use the familiar modern liberal lecture notes of professors in science and philosophy that the Middle Ages canonical approach was evil and that Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler were victims for their breaking free from middle age geometrical and astronomical ideas.

What modern scientists did not study is a host of bibliography that proves that the Moses in 1460 BCE writing the Book of Job already said that the earth is not on pillars! It is hanging on nothing. That the Greeks thought that the earth is either round and a coin or round and an egg! That was before Christ. So to blame the church and the Bible for wrong views of astronomy or geometrics by Evolutionists and Darwin linked scholars, must indeed be the spirit of Fascism to which Engels and Marx and Dugin also belonged to.

The History of Rationalism by John Hurst in 1864 is a book that is doing what Gerhard Hasel did from 1864 to modern times in 1994: outlining the spirit of rejection of the veracity of the Word of God. Fascism is a spiritual attitude of rejection of the Word of God as a light. That is why Marx did all he can to disassociate himself from religion and cling to atheism. But in the process he set up a Marxist political religion and today adherers in Fascist circles build statues in his honor and worship him and force others to worship him too.

The Christian communists should think twice before they continue on their path.

Listen to Engels’ commentary on Revelation he wrote late in his life and with a more serious tone still using humor and sarcasm to describe the Battle of Armageddon in Heaven. A summary by Boer suffice: “the Young Hegelians fare badly until they dump the weak-kneed devil — he is all talk and no action — and call for reinforcements. Voltaire, Danton, Edelman, Napoleon, Marat, and Robespierre appear, Bauer takes charge, and they route the pious who now flee heavenward. Hegel urges them to attack heaven itself and he leads the charge. But just as they are about to succeed, a small piece of paper floats down, coming to rest at Bauer’s feet. Its message: he is redundant, having been sacked from his teaching position. In dismay the forces of chaos flee and the host of heaven pursues them with glee.”

Theologians who cite so positively Voltaire, Bauer, Hegel et al, should think twice before they cite them at all!

It becomes then very clear that there are only two paths: The followers of Christ or Michael with the two third of angels in heaven or the followers of the Rebel of Heaven, Lucifer or Satan, with the third of the angels becoming demons and cast out of heaven currently influencing men and women around us.

The famous theological article of prestigious universities like Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Berlin, Tübingen etc, are all citing the Higher-critics as if they are the truth or Evolution theories or theorists as if they are the true interpreters of reality of the past regarding the Flood destruction reality in history in the year 2692 BCE. Their fake theories are canonized by the Young Hegelians.

So where do Liberals stand today in politics? Rejecting the Bible and its tenets and try to set up Woman Ordination, LGBTQH lobby groups doing the same. They create networks that persecute those who differ with them. They adopt the fascist style of operation and is very dogmatic and insistent on their views even willing to be violent for it.

Even conservatives who are controlled by the Devil do the same. In the name of truth they use politics, lobbies, networks, to violently attack in fascistic manner those who differ with them.

The wonder of the Word of God, is that God allows people to choose their own course, without interfering. But He appeals softly to their conscience for a palingenesis, not the neo-Fascist way anticipated by the occult, Islam Sufism, Orthodox Christianity, Catholic way with caesero-papism, or Judaism’s way of cheating with the text of Isaiah, Daniel 9 and Psalm 110 their way out of Christ Jesus as Messiah, but a palingenesis or rebirth of a spiritual kind. A new life in relation with Him. Nothing of the old in a liminoid manner as Dugin wants it in neo-Fascism. But not with violence to attain result with the Jesuit maxim: “the end justifies the means” (see the article of Anton Shekhovtsov in 2008).

In the 1997 article by Dugin he explained that mysticism was behind the Bolshewick and Nazi purges and that it was not sadism and brutality since it is an eschatological expectation in order to inaugurate the New World Order (see Shekhovtsov 2008). Populism is the instrument to attain to this palingenesis or rebirth.

The post-Helsinki comment of media in Russia is that Trump is “reborn” or the palingenesis that Dugin is constantly fanning out to the Russian media. In his view, heaven is a fascist Eurasia which will be the new World Order and the USA and allies are World Island Order or the enemy. The other countries are Rim-lands which are either the one or the other. South Korea may have moved from a World Island Order country to a Rim-Land country and holds from Russian perspective, at least from Dugin’s fascist view, the potential to be part of the Eurasia “heaven” of neo-fascists. The link is not white on black but just extending the theory of Dugin into the current situation on the peninsula.

Conservatives can also be Fascists and it is said that some movements use “liberal jargon” to attract their audience and to highjack the liberals.

So the spirit of Fascism is a rebellion or revolution to cause a palingenesis politically in geopolitics in order to create a New World Order that is called “Utopia” or “Heaven” and finally it seems that Karl Löwith thought in the right direction: extend the concept instead of reduce it like Hans Blumenberg

It is linking with Lucifer and his angels in their struggle against the Divine Law and order of heavenly ethics and love of God.

It is this spirit of rebellion of Engels and Marx that caused Mandela to be placed in jail after the Rivonnia court-case. At that farm secret police tapes reveal that they were reading with Costa [a Capitalist communist] the book of Friedrich Engels on landgrab and were suggesting just like Marx, that the ultimate value of landgrab is the removal of greed in humanity and when everyone is made a laborer with a low simple salary and income, says the one lady in the secret tapes of Rivonnia 28th of January 1964 a certain Jean Strachan said: “Well we assume for example that people won’t want to steal”. Female Voice [Dorothea or Beverley] asked “Why?” and Jean answered: “There’ll be nobody to steal from”. F. V. assumed stealing still in communist setting: “Unless there is somebody who steals, well if I steal …quota or which ever it is, I’ll have double”. Then Jean answered: “No, because this merely means that (Jean clears her throat) that after …that after a stage of increased production under socialism you get to the stage of Communism where there is so much for everybody. That is, that is Communism, where there is so much for everybody that you just take what you need”. She concluded the discussion by saying “You do away with money”.

People get caught up with Fascism but do not realize that it amounts to the breaking of the Law of God. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor is still stealing. It is on the same level as murder and Sabbath-breaking. Breaking the law of God is an offence to God regardless of the good intentions of the human or group of humans. They will face condemnation in the Eschaton because of this.

In summary then, fascism is a pragmatic question and answer that deals with one’s soul being sold out to the ideas or workings of Satan to undermine God. The solution is a return to God and consecration to His will and His way instead of human controlled fascists or Satan [which Friedrich Engels grouped together].



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