From beauty of Lucifer to beauty of humans: the gods humans create for themselves


Koot van Wyk (DLitt et Phil; Thd)


In the days of Ahab and Jezebel (Phoenician highpriestess for Baal) foreign gods were created by spiritual Israelites who interacted with the Phoenician businesses and daily life. Israelites were dancing their music, singing their Baal god songs, entertaining themselves with the loose sex concepts of this new environment. It appeared according to Elijah that more people were Baalism orientated than Yahweh orientated. Baal-gods were their favorites, for in the Temples of Baal the young beautiful male priests were transvestites and homos that served their clientele with anything their imagination wanted and were willing to pay for.

The Remnant of God involved in Baalism? That was in the days of Elijah. The Remnant of God involved in Baalism of our own time? “Impossible” for Baal does not exist today.

Baalism is in South Korea. How do we know that?

The Korean Herald of 16th of August 2018 reported on the goal of Elle Magazine to put in the September issues a handsome or beautiful young man with the name of Lee Dong-wook on their frontpage.

What is wrong with that? We coming to it. The news column stated that he is “charismatic”. In the Old Testament that was reserved for prophets who were sent by the Spirit of God to do things. In modern times we refer to it without the thought of a transcendental connection, in a secular way.

Is this the problem? No. Not yet.

The “Shooting Staff” said that he “immersed himself” into the task that they gave him. Of course he was asked to be photographed and a group of photographers are called the “Shooting Staff”.

The Magazine? Elle. The Korean version of it.

Get this. The shooting is not just human, it is transcendental. It is moving into the area that Lucifer wanted to in Isaiah 14:12-14 and in Ezechiel 28 where he wanted to be god and wanted to place his throne high on the Mountain or dwellingplace of the Most High.

When a creature [Lucifer] wanted to become a god, the principle of the Bible in these chapters is: he is downgraded and in the fall becomes Satan, the main evil.

But where does Lee Dong-wook fit in? I am coming to it.

Better cite the Korean Herald not to make a mistake of the exact wording:

“Lee posed for the magazine’s cover as well, and was asked to pose as god, human, boy and man.”

Did you get that? The owner of the magazine, the Shooting Staff and the actor all agreed to be pictured in an image format as a “god”.

The End.