Isaiah 6 and the sleeping dullness by Satan

Isaiah got insight into the future in Isaiah 6. The angel speaking knew that as long as the Great Controversy is lurking on earth, which is the period from Isaiah’s day until the Second Coming, “keep listening but you do not perceive, keep seeing but you do not understand” (Isaiah 6:9). Satan “will cause to make the heart of these people insensitive” and “their ears are caused to make dull” and “their eyes is caused to make dim” (Isaiah 6:10). It will be continuously from Isaiah’s day to the time of Jesus (John 12:39-41). It will be all the way to the church of Laodicea’s condition as the seventh and last church before the Eschaton as Revelation 3:15-18 indicates. Do what you want to do, evil included lest (pen) you see with your eyes and hear with your ears, understand with their hearts and return and be healed, says Isaiah (Isaiah 6:10d-g). If they are so obstinate to do evil they will be kept in evil although conversion can bring healing. Isaiah desires the touching of his lips event for everyone. He wishes to see the Almighty more. He wishes that time to fast-forward soon and so he asked the question Daniel also asked after the long Daniel 11 vision and the Resurrection in Daniel 12:1: How long? (Isaiah 6:11).