Some more updates on Vicarius Filii dei


Koot van Wyk


Whether the document Donatio Constantini is a fake is not important. The document was not created by Seventh Day Adventists and neither did they enter the words Vicarius fili dei in the document. They have not invented the Roman counting system and they have not asked or invented the title vicarius fili dei. They have not conspire the letters to add up exactly to 666, a fact that is admitted by Catholics in their New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia on internet. Adventists raise the question to Catholics that if they want to deny the reality of the document do they think that pope Leo IXth made a mistake in 1054 CE to base his sovereignity in heaven and earth on this document? Did the pope make a mistake? Is the pope fallible? If that pope was fallible what about the modern one? This is exactly the point of the Seventh Day Adventists, namely that this title was claimed and used by at least one pope in 1054 CE. Long before there were a formal Seventh Day Adventist movement or organization, a pope during the period of the pax-Vaticana stretching between 538 CE and 1798 CE used it. This identification cannot be severed from the papal system of the catholic church regardless how much they protest the situation. For them to deny this title they have to deny their own theology.
Please see also my comments in Amazing Facts: http://amazingdiscoveries.o... and my online research on at VAN WYK NOTES. Search for all the vicarius filii dei articles.
Someone in the site is trying to be inventive and creative but that will not succeed in covering-up the key identification of the Catholic papacy system with their theology of the replacement of Christ in atonement with their liturgical act of eucharist. In the Catholic eucharis the role of the Holy Spirit as vicarius filii dei is usurped by that papacy function since their beginning. Get hold of the book by Edwin de Kock who in his 1000 pages on the 666 = vicarius filii dei goes case by case outside Adventism, inside Adventism (including Bacchiochi and his favorite students on this issue) way back in the history of the papacy until modern times. They even discovered a third edition of Helvig's book in 1630 which Froom et al knew nothing about. The old Adventist position on vicarius filii dei still stands according to my own research and I will not be swayed for I know what I saw. Please study deeply and you will join me. I am sure. 
Someone wrote that vicarius filii dei do not contain an identification of the son of sin/perdiction but it does. In the act and theology of the papal eucharist the papacy functions and usurp the role that is allocated to the Holy Spirit by Christ to be His representative on earth and is taking on the title and theological liturgical act of vicarius filii dei when the bread actually change into the real body of Christ and only he [papacy and clerics] has the right to administer this for immediate salvation to the faithful and in no other way absolutely. This is vicarius filii dei and the Latin letters are not letters but numbers for in the name is the numbers and you count them with a plus, plus equal action, which is what Revelation 13:18 asks you to do. Whether Bacchiochi or any professor said that VFD is not any longer valid, do not pay attention to what they said. Study for yourself. I am frank to say that brother Myers was very creative and I like his artistic mathematics and his attempt to chiasm over the Book of Revelation but it has the bad effect that it shifts "hermeneutics" meanings from his superimposed structure and not from the text itself. There are other super-chiasm scholars in Daniel and Revelation in Adventism currently as well but they went overboard. I myself loved chaism research and William Shea and I would amuse each other with our findings in the past. These Revelation structural approach is done without a proper Ancient Near Eastern and Old Testament understanding of chiasm. Brother Myers. I have to send you back to the work-table for more homework and more investigation. Remember one principle: if your lifestyle is according tot the Word of God then your way of thinking will also be according tot he Word of God. If your thinking is according tot the Word of God then the way your go about writing and researching the Word of God will also be correct and the final product of your study will line-up with the Word of God. And recognized by the faithful as such.