Did you know? Here and there about the Bible

That Moses may have used telescopes in his astronomy class in Egypt?

Moses came to the palace at 12 in 1518 BCE when Hatshepsut was just about 18 years old. She was estranged from her husband who slept with a street woman Iset and Thutmosis III, the later pharaoh of the Exodus in 1450 BCE, was born. Moses studied under the famous Egyptian astronomer Sen-en-Mut. That is why in the book of Job, Moses talks about the earth hanging on nothing [cancel the Middle Ages misconception of pillars on which the earth stands!]. Moses also talks about the links of the seven star or Pleiades. These “nebulae” that connects them can only be seen by a telescope. A large lense was found by archaeologists at Niniveh of the time of Sargon II (710 BCE) so the role of astronomy in ancient times may have been more involved technologically than we are currently ascribed to them.


The Trinity concept of the Bible is not a fantasy or superimposition of Greek mythology or any heathen mythology. It is not a pluralism fused with monotheism. Jesus said that sins against Him and the Father can be forgiven but sins against the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. So that means that the Holy Spirit is not just an extension of the Father or of Christ in binity sense. It must be trinity for here is a separateness. But only the Father knows the day of Christ’s Coming. Only Jesus died on the cross. Again independency, yet unity. Praying to one is to pray to all with immediate response from all three. Adventists do not believe in Trinity because Froom carried it into their doctrine. He applauded a Christ’s Nature change by Rebok started in 1949 at the current Andrews University but in January 1955 and hailed it “new”. That was not the Trinity. Ellen White in Evangelism of 1946 compilation of which the document is mentioned and listed said in 1906 in Special Testimonies vol. 7 B that there is a trio in heaven. It was not packed in by her stenographers as critics are implying, because Ellen White said as well as M. L. Andreasen in his testimony of 1955 on Youtube at Ohio Campmeeting, that Ellen White’s assistants or stenographers could not add anything without her permission. They had to sign their name and bring it to her for approval. In Review and Herald of 1863 James White wrote on Christ and the atonement and said that the view of the Socinians which is connected to the Unitarian view of God, is not correct. So the early pioneers in Adventism stopped the Unitarian view of the churches they came from, stopped smoking, stopped drinking, stop keeping the Sunday and started to keep the Sabbath.


Fountain View Academy Music

This Academy of the Seventh Day Adventists has as their pastor someone who I am very well acquainted with and his wife and her parents. Their songs are sung with a spirituality that is highly elevated for the soul and rings echoes of the principles of Ellen White in Spirit of Prophecy over and over. Their professional style of presentation is excellent. They touch the hearts of thousands across the globe. See for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efx8M1VIpjU

why me?


Two popes, a liberal and conservative at the same time

Do you know that there is currently two popes living, one in quietness next to the Vatican, the other in the Vatican in power. Catholic networks on Youtube are decrying the liberal pope in power, pope Francis and like rather pope Ratzinger. These groups try very hard to go back to the Catholic Church style of the pre-Vatican II period. They see the Vatican II as a inroad by 79 Protestants attendees who advised and lectured the Catholics how to change their Eucharist to English and other languages rather than Latin, and other changes. They even call him the “antichrist”. They call themselves the remnant. They actually want to go back to the power days of pre-1798 so that the Catholic Church can be the all-powerful only church on earth. They decry the moral decay in the Catholic Church and suggest that Protestants ransacked the Catholic Church circa 1963-1965 with Vatican II. The papacy role and clerical role of all in this engine of salvation stolen from Christ, is that they claim their hands hold the very body of Christ and if it is not taken from their hand, the person is lost. This is vicarius filii dei = 666 see Revelation 13:18. It is still relevant since Andreas Helvic discovered it in 1610 and he was not a Seventh-day Adventist.


Woman Ordination

Nabonidus became cracy or mentally ill as the Chronicle in the British Museum indicated. He wanted to change the religion of Babylon from Marduk’s Sun as primary and the moon or secondary to just the other way around. So he wanted to build at Haran in Syria a moon temple or the E.UL.UL. He asked permission from the Marduk priests in Babylon whether he can make daughters in his family priestesses. They answered “No”. He asked again and they answered “No.” Then he asked them about his one daughter and then they allowed her to be ordained as the Highpriestess of Haran who had to oversee the prostitutes’ complex. Thus, Sydney Smith in his Book of the Nabonidus Chronicle. Israelite religion was the only religion that was against woman ordination in the Bible.


Nature of Christ

The human nature of Christ had a changing “makeshift” in 1949 by Rebok the Dean of Andrews (R&D) and supported in an article in January of 1955 by Le Roy Froom and published in 1958 in Bible Readings for the Home Circle. The change came in that they supported more the “original sin” idea for anthropology and tried to void Christ from this to keep Him sinless by making Him not taking human nature after the Fall but before the Fall. Well…. (Thus J. Zurcher Touched…page 155).


No Cooking on Sabbath

Do you know that the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy counsel us not to do any cooking on Sabbath? It is not the work of God when we cook on Sabbath for the Church. It should have been cooked already the preparation day, which is Friday. One cannot fully enjoy proper Sabbath blessings when one breaks the Sabbath, how minor it may seem to our eyes. It is better to come in line with the standards that God suggested and expected.


Smartphones reduces our Focus abilities

It was found that the average focus time for a goldfish is 12 seconds. However, Smartphone users focus time has reduced to maximum 8.53 seconds. We have become “zombies”. We flash-flash our days over and spent many hours for nothing. Our brain capacities are shrinking as well. Reading and enjoying or understanding the Bible? Flash-flash past. It is time to change smartphones into flip-phones. Warren Buffett already did that and also others.

2 Timothy 4:1 wrongly translated by nearly all translations

This is a tough talk. If you go to your text and you read that Christ will judge at His appearance then you have a wrong translation. Any idea that judging is to take place at the Second Coming of Christ is wrong. How did they translate wrong? Answer: do you see the “by” or “at” before “His appearance”? It is not in the original. The original is using a kai which is in English the word “and”. Change thus the preposition into a copulative please. Now try to understand. What is the text saying? Christ will have three successive actions: (Investigative Judgment between 1844 to the closing of the Door of Mercy) and “His appearance” (Advent or Second Coming to bring rewards for a completed Judgment) and “His Kingdom” which will be after the 1000 years set up when the new earth will be created. The eternal Kingdom. The Church Fathers had problem with this kai = and thus they changed it into a preposition kata = according or en = in. Red card. Cannot change the word of God, see the last chapter of Revelation. If they understood the Investigative Judgment properly they would not have gone wrong here. Even Calvin went wrong since he said that all three actions are the same at the same time. Action and Action and Action. Not Action = Action = Action.